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Hello from Beech team

Summer B


Can you believe that we are in our last term for this school year. The year has gone so fast in Beech class and we have all had a wonderful time.

This half term our theme has been Hot and Cold, we have looked at items which are hot and cold, i think we all enjoyed exploring the cold ice, water and fans blowing out cold air. We are also learning about animals which live in hot and cold environments. 

Hope you all enjoy looking in the galleries at some of the fun times we have experienced.

Summer A

What a busy half term Beech class have had! Our theme has been Swinton and the local area. Everyone has enjoyed learning about Swinton, and we linked our story 'The Three Little Pigs', to Swinton as a long time ago Swinton was known as Swine Town, with all the farms which had pigs in them.

Have a look at our Galleries , we have been to the park to explore the bandstand. We also enjoyed taking part in Arts week.

Hope everyone has a lovely half term, and we are all excited to be spending our last term in Beech class before the summer break.


Spring B

Hi everyone

Can you all believe that we are already into Spring term B, the school year is going so fast in the fabulous Beech class. This half term our theme is Plants, and we are all really excited about it.

So far this term we have all celebrated World Book Day, and enjoyed some lovely activities. Have a look at our gallery for our pictures of the day.

We have started exploring our theme, and we planted some cress seeds, our pictures will appear in the gallery for you to check out. We are all looking forward to see what we can plant and grow next, maybe you could all do some planting at home.


Spring A

Hello from Beech class. This half term our theme is 'Ancient Greece', we have been looking at how the people dresssed, what they ate and where they lived. We have looked at the art they produced and made our own mosiac pictures and jewellery.

We have learnt about their Gods and enjoyed listening to a song about Hercules.

hope you enjoy looking at all our pictures.



All the staff and children in Beech class would love to wish you all a very Happy Christmas and New Year, and we are very excited about sharing all our experiences with you in 2018.



Autumn B

This term our theme is 'Around the World', we are goig to be visiting different countries with our class suitcase and explore their culture,food, clothing and animals that live in the country. 

The first country we have visted is France, we enjoyed dressing up, making and tasting crepes and looking at  French famous landmarks. hope you enjoy looking at our pictures.


Autumn A

We are all looking forward to the following school year and have an exciting year to look forward to. This term our theme is Trade and Enterprise. We are looking at shops and the different things that they sell. Keep a lookout for some fantastic pictures.

We have enjoyed taking part in lots of Outside the Classroom Learning, we have looked for colours in Maths, and enjoyed exploring outside with Andy.



We have loved PE witth Commando Lee, working on our balance skills inside and outside. We are getting very confident in our abilities. 


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