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Welcome to Elm Class

In our class we have 1 girl and 5 boys

Autumn B

This half term our theme is ‘around the world’. We will be learning about different countries; their clothing, food, weather and environments.

We will be sharing a range of books about going on holiday or different countries, including ‘Busy Airport’ and ‘Letters from Felix’. Alongside these books we will be exploring the different countries through listening to traditional music and recreating the sounds we can hear, making and tasting traditional foods and exploring clothing patterns and colours.

Continuing to follow the theme we will be looking at different forms of transport we might use to travel around the world.  We will also make pictures and models using different methods including collage, mark-making with forks, brushes and pens and printing.


Autumn A

This half term our theme is 'Trade and Enterprise'

The children have been working hard in all lessons. During Maths we have been learning to count the items we may buy in a shop and then sort them by colour. We have listened to the 'lets go shopping' song and used our symbols to say what we can see e.g. '1 green watermelon'.

In English we have been sorting items we may buy into categories such as things you would get in a pet shop, car shop, supermarket or bakery. We have also been practicing our fine motor skills. 


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