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Summer B 2017

Our theme this half term is BRAZIL incl. THE RAINFOREST!

We have started this topic by looking at where Brazil is in the world and discussing how we would get there. We found out that it takes approximately 14 hours from Manchester to Rio De Janeiro airport on an aeroplane! Now that's a long time!

We looked at animals in the Amazon Rainforest and used different materials e.g. paint, felt, feathers etc. to each decorate an animal for the display. We decorated a sloth, a scarlet macaw, a red eyed tree frog, a blue morpho butterfly, a howler monkey, an anteater and an ant. 


We have looked at the Brazilian flag and the colours of it and decorated one each with coloured pencils and bits of paper (collage).


We watched a video about how Brazilian people live in the Amazon Rainforest. The children have to help pull individual corn off a red corn on the cob and make jewellery. We decided to give this a go using yellow corn on the cob and cereal to thread on string to make bracelets. We found this quite hard, especially pulling off each individual corn! We wouldn't like to sit and complete that job all day every day that's for sure! 





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