A typical day in caterpillars, September 2017

Caterpillars have been settling well into our new class.  Some of us have the same teacher as last year, but for some of us, Caroline is a new face.  We all know at least one adult in the classroom. 

The curriculum is new this year, and instead of working on subjects such as English and Maths, we will be spending more time working on physical, communication, social, sensory and life skills. 

Each day we begin with a physical session such as massage, yoga, Re:bound, soft play or walking. 

We then practice our communication skills whilst eating snack.  Most of us are learning to use a Big Mack to request, 'more'.  Some of us are also learning to communicate, 'stop'.

After snack, we work on our play and communication skills.  We like playing 'ready-steady-go' games.  Our favourite is when the adult inflates a balloon, then lets go when one of us makes a sound at the right time.  We also work on imitation during intensive interaction.  This is when the adult copies all of our sounds and movements and then encourages us to copy their sounds and movements.

After dinner, we have our sensory cognitive lessons.  This term the theme is, 'Enough for Everyone.'  We are making toys using materials that can be recycled and making food recipes using leftovers.  We loved making desserts with overripe bananas.

We are also enjoying the adapted story of 'The Iron Man'.  We like the wind blowing in our faces as he stands on the edge of the cliff, looking through his eyes as they change colour and exploring the nuts and bolts that separate when he falls off the cliff.


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