A Typical Day in Maple

There is no typical day in Maple.  We start the day developing our physical skills.  This could be in Soft Play, the Sensory Studio, the Hydrotherapy pool or on a trampoline.  Sometimes we stay in class.  Some of us practice standing and walking whilst others develop head and arm movement.  We love massage and yoga.

After the physical lesson, its time to develop our communication.  We are all working on choosing and requesting more.  We use lots of different types of communication including eye pointing, reaching, body language, gesture, symbols, photographs and sound buttons.  As well as developing our functional communication skills, we also have time to chat without an adult supporting us.  We like to vocalise to each other, and giggle with our friends.

Next it's time for dinner.  We have half an hour to relax or play, inside or outside depending on the weather.  Then we travel to the hall for our food.  We are all increasing our independence at mealtimes. 

In the afternoon, we begin with a sensory story.  This term, it is all about Ug, The Boy Genius of the Stone Age.  Ug is not happy because everything he has is made of stone, and he only ever gets to eat raw meat.  We enjoy helping him to find better trousers, bedding, a ball and some tasty breakfast.

Following the sensory story, we complete creative activities.  So far, we have been cave painting in many different ways and have made a woolly mammoth.

We hope you enjoy looking at photos of us hard at work.

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