Autmn A Success Stories! 18/10/2018

In Ladybirds Class we love to celebrate our successes, however big or small! Over the past half term, we've all settled into our new class really well, which is an achievement in itself. 

The following a just a selection of WOW moments, Stars of the Weeks and general Lovliness that we've seen in Ladybirds Class this half term: 

Stars of the week: 

- Kady

- Max

- Joshua


WOW moments: 

Wiki: for being friendly to the staff at swimming

Jaya: for listening and following instructions to produce beautiful work. 

Joshua: for fantastic sentence work. 

Amina: for making HUGE progress with her swimming. 


General Lovliness: 

- Rayan; for always, always opening the door when children can't reach - often with no adult prompting 

- Kady - for working hard in EVERY lesson! 

- Naomi; for having the courage to read a story to the rest of the class 

- Lucas; for developing a positive, happy friendships with unfamiliar peers 

- William, for working really hard when in a team, in particular, asking his teammates relevant questions. 

- Amina - for AMAZING progress in her Phonics this half term! 

- Wiki - for using her BIG, confident voice more often

- Freddie - for encouraging his teammates in PE 

- ALL of Ladybirds Class for recording Maple Class' Big Mac messages - well done! 

- Max for creating amazing figures of Vikings and longboats in DT

- Arwa for always being enthusiastic in her learning 

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