Bees buzz into Summer term

In our first week back after the Easter break we have taken a look into Edwardian England, and also focussed on a new topic 'Trains'. 

We are studying the Railway Children and also looking at the types of lives the children in the story would have lived, what food they would have eaten, the conditions they would have lived in and other things that would have happened in that period. We even made 'Bubble & Squeak' in Food Technology. 

Karl really impressed us on Thursday when he decided to take the mornings 'Greeting' session independently, he asked each of his classmates in turn about their evening and really enjoyed running the session. 

Harrison has also displayed great group work during a Science lesson where the class looked at Electricity. He enjoyed sitting with his peers and answering the questions. 

Sam also did some very good writing during a Phonics lesson. He independently wrote his name and dog. 

Clayton did has also been very helpful this week, during lunchtime he has got his friends water and held the door open for them as they moved from the classroom to the hall. He has been very thoughtful and caring to his friends.

MIchael displayed excellent ball control in his PE Lesson whilst practising his hockey skills. All of the children mentioned received the 'Star of the Day' award for their excellent behaviour and skills.

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