Okay.  So I'll admit this one was late again, but I was busy from Friday onwards and it has been somewhat of an unusual week as I wasn't in for pretty much most of it.  

So what did we get up to?  Well because of my absence (there was a genuine reason, I assure you), I only had 4 classes come out to visit and each of them did Easter Egg hunts.  Now there's nothing wrong with that except I can't really give you a full fledged news report or story or poem about it.  

So I thought I'd try and remember all the stuff that we have done over this term.  And chances are I'll have forgotten most of it. 

We did: Planting seeds for herbs, learning to grow daffodils and tulips, we also planted onions, potatoes and carrots (if those things come through then I'm finding the nearest flat cap and a stick of stray to stick in my mouth followed by a tweed jacket), we also planted cress in pots and French beans.  

We tidied up areas of Outdoor Learning and did a few "litter picking sessions", we worked on communication skills and improved on our PECs and interaction with adults and children.  We learnt to use hammers, nails, hand saws, clamps and built a roof for the compost bin and even a planter for a class.  

We learnt about Ancient Greece and built miniature temples from sticks and leaves and even participated in the Greek Games by performing a marathon, a triathlon and doing some gymnastics.  We also played in the snow, built snowmen, threw snowballs, made snow angels.  We had races, learnt to understand commands like "Stop" and "Go", we painted pictures in the style of Claude Monet, and we learnt to find different shaped sticks and different lengths and how to tie them in knots.  

We learnt to about Florence Nightingale, and France, and Plants and Communication.  We took photos on iPads and made a few movies too. 

I'm probably missing out some things, but suffice to say that was just THIS term, and doesn't include what we did last term or what we'll get up to next term.  But we do a lot.  

We're still only just getting started in the things that we want to achieve for the children and for the school but hopefully as time goes on we'll have some new exciting developments to inform you about, and if not then I'll just try and make the blog seem a little more interesting. 

I hope you're all okay, and I'll see you when we come back.




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