HAPPY NEW YEAR! Term 2 Week 1


Sooooo here we are again! How've you been? Did you have a nice Christmas?  Well I've decided that I shall seperate these blogs into terms so you know where you're upto and you can keep track of all our Outdoor Learning developments.  Now that you know that, shall we begin? 

So because we've only just started back and we have new classes and a new timetable AAANND on top of that we've not had a full week yet I've decided to keep this one a little bit shorter than usual. 

Over the past three days we've had Elm, Badgers, Poplar, Beech, Rowan, Owls, Bees all come out and play (especially in that absolute deluge on Thursday, it was amazing!) doing den building, i.e.ps, communication targets, matching and searching, and playing with sticks. 

I leave you in the gallery some photos of Bees class who came and helped me make wooden stakes, which will make up parts of a perimeter fence, that will be part of our "Den" (ohhh yeh that thing, still doing that are you?).

Enjoy and I'll see you next week :-)  

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