Term 2 Week 10

Outdoor learning is fun, oh its true 

There's no end to all that you could do.

Every area of life applies, its not only what you can do inside.

So this is the story of Springwood school, and what they do in Outdoor Learning 

I'll tell you a bit more to ease all your yearning


Dragonflies, Grasshoppers, Caterpillars, Ash and don't forget Squirrels too.  You'll wonder where they day has gone when they've finished what they had to do. 

Tying sticks, looking at shapes, hammering, nailing, symbols searching, planting, learning, all of it was enough to keep your head turning.  

But we mustn't stop, we've got to go, so much more to learn, to know. 

Butterflies played a game using the colours of the French flag, while Woodpeckers searched for the Gruffalo,  Foxes made medicines wouldn't you know.  "So what about Hedgehogs?" I hear you ask, well they continued on with their task.  They helped to build their class planter which I'm sure will cause plenty of banter. 


Wednesday may seem to be a very short day, with just two classes coming outside, but there is plenty to do, so they'll not be denied,

Of their opportunity to go outside and learn and for their turn they had two different things to do.  Elm planted potato seeds, in time they hope to harvest, I wonder which will grow the farthest.  Badgers had a fun activity too, they rolled fruit in paint, then rolled it down a ramp, and down it went with splutter, scatter, stamp.

What did you do, on Thursday I hear you ask?  What did you see, what was the task? 

Well let me think?  Poplar had fun in our Mud Kitchen, and the children had a chance to see the changes they made with the mud, a stick, water and spade.  

Splosh, splash, splish and splatter, were the sounds intermingled with laughter. 

The children in Rowan put seeds into soil, and didn't they do it very well, while Maple came out to build a bug hotel.  Using things they found in area outside, they built a place the insects could run to, and hide. 

Friday, Friday, what can I say, how the week has fast ran away.  Owls swooped on in, with a flutter and flap, and planted some herbs before returning for snack. 

Bees came outside and painted master pieces, in the style of Claude Monet, and I'm pretty sure I saw them all wearing a beret?

Rabbits came out for a "movement break" and put their skills to the test, and as the week had ended it made me think that my job is the best. 




What can I say I've got writers block, and I was never all that good at creative writing, but I wanted to make this blog entertaining for you, or at least somewhat of an amusing read to add as you check in on all the shenanigans we get up to in Outdoor Learning and within the school.

Highlight of the week for me is Squirrels, so go and check out the gallery for all that they got up to.  

Last full week of the term, can you believe it! Well, I might do one more blog for you.  Because I know you'll miss it if I don't :-P 

See you soon. 

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