Term 2 Week 2

Apologies for the delay in getting the news out to you for last weeks shenanigans.  I was in Zanzibar.  

Alright, alright I admit it.  It wasn't Zanzibar.  It was Yemen. 

But seriously, lets get to it.  Last week was a mix of all sorts of activities, weather fronts and exciting new developments. 

We're pleased to announce that we have a new shed in the Outdoor Learning area (Can I get a 'whoop whoop'?) that has been graciously donated to us by the workforce of ForWorks and Travis Perkins.  To you, we say a big "thank you" as it will meet a need that we've had in Outdoor Learning for some time (Photos to follow at some point this week). 

"Ancient Greece" has been the topic for the Trees this term, and so Maple began their first session by integrating the Greek Games with Outdoor Learning.  We believe one child is still making his way back to Marathon, Greece and is expected to arrive sometime next week.  Elm, Ash and Beech integrated their communication targets with their Outdoor Learning session, and we're seeing some good progress as the children begin to understand what is being asked of them and to make the connections with Outdoor Learning.  See?  We're diverse in our approach.  Meanwhile Poplar took their Individual Education Plans outside and looked at how we can merge these with Outdoor Learning.  Which was easy to do and you could see the smile on their faces as they came into the big field and began to do their work.

"Buildings" has been the approach for the Woodland Creatures with many of the classes making Dens either big or small.  Owls took the step up to increase the size of the dens they made for their toys, to increase the progression of their previous lesson.  It was a hoot (BOM BOM!).  Squirrels came out and made a large den for the children to have their snack in while they were hiding from the elements.  We even added some camouflage to it.  Badgers came and looked at what makes up a fox "den" and had their children explore the sensory elements of the mud and soil that we have in the school grounds.  Rabbits, however built a cracking shelter (if I do say so myself) and what I liked about this session is that the children actually WANTED to get inside it and play and sit and just be.  I'm not saying that hasn't happened on other occasions but it was evident the fun they we having in actually taking part in building the structure.  One child just simply sat down and then began to look around and point out all the sights and sounds he could hear.  He did this for around 10 minutes.  Considering some of the children just want to run around and explore, I thought this was nice to see.  

"Under The Sea" could seem to be at odds with Outdoor Learning (it being on land).  YET HERE AT SPRINGWOOD WE MAKE IT WORK! You take sticks, twigs and leaves and pair it with some pictures of sea creatures and you get Spiders session on Friday late in the afternoon.  

So there was a lot going on last week.  I'll try and get the next entry done sooner for you.  I know how you hate to miss out on our little updates. 

Check out the gallery for the Highlight of The Week and I'll see you soon. 

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