Term 2 Week 5

Okay.  So this one is late...again, but I do have good reasons.  That I can't go into right now.  For other good reasons....So lets begin.  

I've usually done it by the days but I'll revert back to "areas of the school" for this one. 

Trees.  Tall, Wavy, Green, and generally all round woodiness.  Well we'll start alphabetically, so lets begin with Ash.  Ash like to come out and have a play while doing their gross motor skill development.  Some of the children can do better push ups than I can! Devastated! After Ash come Beech and Elm, who work on their communication targets.  We've been spending some time on this now and we're definitely seeing some developments whereby the children are now beginning to exchange more and more with one another while understanding simple instructions.  Maple combined ancient greece, with Outdoor Learning, combined that with P.E. and you get a marathon.  I'm not sure who laughed more, the adults or the children laughing AT the adults but it was generally all round brilliant.  Poplar having been trying to engage the children in working together as a team and interacting with one another and we're having some nice "moments", shall we say.  For example, one young gentlemen who previously wouldn't pick up a stick, was seen to be helping his friend in class by picking up an object they couldn't reach and handing it to them to help them achieve their team goals.  Rowan worked on their numbers and shapes by gathering different items in Outdoor Learning that corresponded to a certain number.

Onto.....oh I don't know.....Woodland Creatures! Woodland creatures, our fine feathered and furry friends.  Badgers = gross motor skill development, whereby we're seeing improvements in balance and engaging in their environment that we're working in.  Foxes want to build a bird box.  To do that will require working with wood, drills, hammers and nails and the like.  And so that's what we did.  Each child got to play around with a saw as they made the necessary cuts to put it all together.    Hedgehogs continued to develop their communication and understanding of instructions using a variety of multiple coloured balls, while Rabbits gathered together to begin building a "bug building" (bit of alliteration for you). Squirrels had an expansion of building their "burrows" and *SPOILER* we're making even further expansion until we all have tents, tarps and a fully functioning camp site.  Enter at your peril.  Woodpeckers  came out and learnt about the difference between light and heavy objects  


So that leaves you with Minibeasts.  Minibeasts and their underwater adventure started with Bees as they continue to be very busy, using our wood working tools to strip down various branches and logs to the "hard wood" underneath so  Butterflies learning about "pollution" and the effects on the environment.  They did really well with this task, going around Outdoor Learning with bin bags and litter pickers and grabbing various items that don't belong in Outdoor Learning.  With Grasshoppers, and their giant art work we currently now have a shark, crab, and a turtle up that are soon to be decorated with Outdoor Learning materials.  


So there we go.  Very industrious.  I direct you to the gallery section for photos of the children from Poplar and their "team work" session.  We had lots of little moments in this one that we want to share with you, and give us yet another reason to be proud of our children.  See you soon. 

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