Term 2 Week 6

I was trying to think how to start this blog, "news", information-thingy, and I really wasn't sure where to start so: 



Didn't expect that did you?  Neither did I.  So that makes two of us.  Now then.  Are you sitting comfortably?  Then I'll begin.  

Once upon a time there was a school called Springwood Primary, it was a nice school, with staff who worked very hard and enjoyed working there.  They looked after some very wonderful people called "the little ones" (in this story anyways).  The little ones loved their school but what they REALLY loved was....OUTDOOR LEARNING! 

Every week the "little ones" would come out of their classrooms and put on their Outdoor Gear and march into the wild, wintery elements (keeping this story in line with current climatic conditions) and meet up with Andy.  Andy was the schools Outdoor Learning co-ordinator who loved working with "the little ones" (not quite sure why the inverted commas but it works) and he tried his best to make sure they had fun and learnt all about the great outdoors. 

On Monday, Dragonflies got to come out first, and they came out to do "transient art" and they tried to make different faces using different materials.  The child enjoyed this activity and Andy enjoyed helping them.  Then out came The Grasshoppers who were learning about what goes on Under The Sea ("Unda De See" - sorry, couldn't help it).  They made some BIG pictures, using BIG Animals like sharks and crabs and turtles and fish AND they asked Andy if they could stick them on his fence.  He liked the BIG art, as it made the fence more colourful.  Next came The Squirrels, all bright eyed and bushy tailed.  But it was very windy outside, and they needed somewhere to eat their snacks that they had brought with them.  So Andy gathered up some of the tents with the children and together they set them up as mini dens and had their biscuits and drink.  They offered Andy some too, but he was very strange because he didn't like biscuits and so he asked if they had any nuts, but didn't have any with them.  Andy thought it was very strange for squirrels to be out and about without any nuts.  Finally the caterpillars came out to explore the area and to have a look around while Ash class also came out to work on their I.E.P.s.  It was a very busy day.  

Then came Tuesday and Andy was wondering what the butterflies were all in a flutter about.  They had been on a trip to The Blue Planet Aquarium to see the fish and so they wanted to learn about how pollution affected the water and what different types of rubbish there were in Outdoor Learning.  So Andy pointed them to different places they might find "rubbish" to see if they could make the area better for.........fish......ahem.  After the Butterflies came the Woodpeckers who wanted to learn Goldilocks and the Three Bears and so Andy went out and put objects and pictures all around the Outdoor Learning area to see if the children could find them when their teacher told them what to look for.  But Andy got a little too excited about hiding some of the items and the children walked right by them! But the Woodpeckers were very clever "little ones" and so they searched high, they searched low, they looked about everywhere they would go.  Very soon they had found many of the items that their teacher Georgina had wanted them to look for.  Foxes "little ones" are very clever "little ones" and they are also very industrious too.  They had a teacher called Alex who wanted to build a "bird box" and so she asked Andy if he wouldn't mind helping the "little ones" (what is with the inverted commas! Seriously!) to build one.  "Oh yes, I think that would be a marvelous idea" said Andy.  So Andy got his tools and some tools that the "little ones" could use and they sawed, and they sawed and they sawed until they had cut pieces of wood down to size to build a bird box.  Hedgehogs were the last to come out of their burrows (also known as a class) on Tuesday and they had seen how much fun Squirrels had had with the tents, and so THEY WANTED A GO TOO.  Well Andy didn't know how sooooo many Hedgehogs would fit into his tent and so he brought four of them for the "little ones" to fit into and they thought it was great fun putting it all together.  

Wednesday yet another busy day and Andy had a visit from the "little ones" in Elm who had been working on their communication and understanding instructions, because they had needed some help and so Andy and some of his friends came outside and worked together with the children to help them build up their understanding using sticks, leaves and grass to see if they could help them improve.  Well, they did very well and Andy and Challan (who was the teacher of the "little ones" in Elm) were very happy with the progress.  After this came the "very little ones" in Badgers.  Because they were so small, the "very little ones" in Badgers needed help to learn how to balance and move their bodies through different obstacles.  Some of the Badgers took to this lesson very enthusiastically and Andy enjoyed helping them climb, and balance and jump but some of the Badgers were a little bit scared and so they had to be helped along the way.

Well then Thursday came along.  Poplar were first on a Thursday, and their teacher, Denise, had asked Andy to come up with some team building activities for them to do.  So they did relay races using different coloured balls, and learning to wait and help each other out by listening to their "friends" Adele, Rachel and Jane.  But sometimes they got too competitive and tried grabbing all the balls at once and so Andy had to bring them back to the start a few times.  It was a lot of fun though.  Then came Beech, and they showed how clever they were by learning to distinguish between different items such as twigs and leaves and showing their "friends" when they had a choice of two.  Next came Rowan, but just as they were coming out it started to rain.  Then it got heavier.  And heavier.  And HEAVIER! Soon all of Outdoor Learning was very wet indeed.  "Hoods up everyone" said Andy, "And zip up your coats."  When everyone had put up their hoods, and zipped up their coats and put on their wellington boots then all went out and looked for a different amount of items that they could find in Outdoor Learning and when they had finished, they went onto The Big Field.  

"What a busy week."  Thought Andy when it came to Friday.  The wind was howling, the trees were blowing, and the leaves were rustling.  But the "little ones" from Owls wanted to see what had gotten the Squirrels and the Hedgehogs so excited and they wanted to play with the tents too while they had some snack.  But it was sooooo windy that the tents and the tarps started to blow away "OH NO!" said Andy "Quick, everyone get into the tents" so they all got into the tents before their feathers got too badly ruffled and stayed nice and warm while they had their snacks.  By the time the Bees buzzed in the wind had gone down and it was their last lesson for half term, so they had a "free play" in Outdoor Learning with Andy and Amy and Bekah.  Rabbits however didn't want to play.  They had built a "bug hotel" using straw, and sticks, and leaves and bottles and they said "Can we put it in your Outdoor Learning area, Andy?" and Andy said "Oh yes, I think that's a marvelous idea" (In your head, when you're reading this, if you've got this far, do I sound like Postman Pat?)  and so they used zip ties and garden canes to stick it to the fence near to the Compost bins where the bugs could stay nice and warm from the wind.  Finally it was the Spiders turn, and they liked to do "natural art" using pictures of creatures from Under the Sea ("WAH-O UNDA DA SEE, UNDA DA SEE" - sorry I'll stop now) and collecting different twigs and leaves and grass and sticks to make a display with.  Andy was very happy to see all the Spiders come out to play and to do their work which they did marvellously.  

Then it was time for everyone to go home, until they could start all over again next week. 

The End.  

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