Term 2 Week 8

I know what you're thinking...what's he going to do this time?  What ill-fated madness derived within a dark chasm of mental obscurity will pour forth in this weeks "news" blog.....poem, anyone?

In Springwood School, from day to day, the children come outside to play, in wet and wind, in storm and snow, outside they come, outside they go.  

They all get to go to Learning Outside, with Andy their friend, whose rarely found inside. They all have their slots, just once a week, though sometimes its more, so to speak. 

Dragonflies, first.  They flew around, learning about sticks that were thick and were thin, some that were small and some that were tall.  But then the lesson was over in no time at all.  Grasshoppers next, and see how the searched, for snails and creatures down in the dirt.  Yet over yonder next to the compost bin, two at a time, they made an enormous din. BANG, BANG, HAMMER, HAMMER was how they went, to create a roof though not for a tent.  Next came the Squirrels, busy as can be, planting some seeds nearby the trees.  They were looking at Florence Nightingale, and their teacher Katie had told them all about the tale, of how she improved hospital conditions, so they planted medicinal herbs as part of their mission.  Finally Ash, they joined in too - and had a go and planting a few, of some seeds that though now hidden in soil, in time there will be reward for their toil. 

Next on to Tuesday, the week is fast gone, today is day 2 and it was only just day 1.  Butterflies learning all about France and so they planted some herbs with a song and a dance (not really but it has to rhyme or it doesn't work).  Next it was Woodpeckers, and what would they do?  They would "stop" and they would "go" and how would you know, that they were so fast, as fast as could be, I'm sure one of them ran up a tree.  Learning communication, is new and it is fun, and Woodpeckers showed Andy how it was done. Next came Foxes, a potion to mix, gathering wood, and twigs and sticks, and grass and leaves, perhaps a snail too, Andy wondered how they knew what to do.  "Whatever next?" he thought as he went back inside, what will Hedgehogs get up to, what will they plan?  To build a plane? A cup or a pan? No, but a "planter" for their seeds to grow, said Tiffany, their teacher, who was in the know.  Sawing, and sawing they used the tools in delight, and Andy kept prompting them "keep hold of it tight."  

Well that was Tuesday, and wouldn't you know, that we were at Wednesday! Where did the week go! Time was flying because the children had so much fun, but for some it had only just begun.  Elm were the ones to come outside next, and what they decided Andy did not expect.  Flowers were planted, the children chose where and some planted here and some planted there, and hopefully in time we'll have pictures on display, but not for now, not for today.  Badgers next, they planted too.  Everyone was planting, what about you?  

Poplar on Thursday, they're the first to start, and outside they went in the rain and the cold to search for hidden objects, perhaps even treasures untold.  Beech were showing that they could relate, to understand, to communicate, a choice of two and they had to find and show and sometimes the adults had to remind.  Rowan planted lots of cress and seeds and Maple too did similar deeds.  

Finally Friday, with a hip and a hooray, for it was the last day of the week today.  Owls came down to plant out some "mint", and it was rather an amusing stint, because one of the children had discovered the watering can, and fired it off quickly and so the children ran.  Bees were expecting to paint Claude Monet, but instead they came out to play with iPads and photos for their stay.  Rabbits had lots of herbs to plant, thyme and basil, I saw some sage too.  Quickly it started, it was quickly got through.  But again there was more fun to come as Spiders came out to play "match the pic", and the children in Spiders did it very quick.  Clever Spiders back in the web, "What a week" Andy thought, as he went to bed. 


Check out highlight of the week for Rabbits, who just had a whole load of fun planting some mixes of herbs that we hope we'll either one day put into some food or the children can just get the sensory experience from.  Either way it was brilliant, which is more than can be said for my attempt at poetry.  Shenanigans. 

See you next week.  

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