Term 2 Week 9

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Good Evening, This is your weekly Springwood Outdoor Learning Update.  I’m your host, Forest Grows.  Our top stories tonight (BONG)  Children are engaged in all sorts of activities in outdoor learning (BONG) Attempts are being made at growing vegetables, fruits, flowers and herbs (BONG) Andy Fitton is seen in the local area, usually singing.  



Good morning.  Dramatic events are happening on a day to day basis at a school in Swinton.  Springwood Primary school is a special needs school that is having children participate in lessons outside the classroom in order to help them develop their understanding and life skills.  Our local reporter was on the scene on Monday and had this to say, over now to Treesa Green 


Treesa Green:  “Forest I’m standing here on Monday morning, in Springwood Schools Outdoor Learning area and what I can tell you is that things are going on here that I’ve never seen before.  Grasshoppers have just come outside with their teacher, and the children have been learning how to use hammer and nails to build a roof that will go on the schools compost bin.”


Forest Grows: Treesa, that sounds dangerous, do the children know what they’re doing?


Treesa Green: Apparently they do Forest, the staff are standing by to help them and I’m being told that some of the children are doing this work independently and that the staff are incredibly proud of their work.  But wait….I believe Forest that the children are also looking at planting French Beans, in plant pots, with soil. 


Forest Grows:  That seems like a controversial choice Treesa, in light of Brexit, does it not? 


Treesa Green:  This doesn’t seem to be the case Forest, as the children have been learning about France and its inhabitants, and understanding the culture of the French people.  It’s truly an exciting development that we have hear.  


Forest Grows:  And have stated what their intentions are Treesa, what are they hoping to achieve with their efforts? 

Treesa:  Well it seems Forest that they intend to grow these and many other vegetables like this in order to help the children learn where vegetables come from and to encourage them to choose a healthier lifestyle.


Forest Grows:  And has the government been informed about their actions Treesa?  Is this behaviour sanctioned?  


Treesa Green:  We’ve yet to receive any statement from the government at this time Forest, however sources within Downing Street tell us that they are watching the situation closely.  


Forest Grows: Indeed.  Well as you can see there are strange doings and goings on at Springwood School.  Joining me now in the studio is our expert Dug Soil.  Dug, glad to have you with us.  What can you tell us here in the studio and for the viewers at home about what is happening here? 


Dug Soil:  Well, this is nothing short of marvellous, Forest. What we’re seeing is an attempt to get  children outside to learn, to encourage them to be more active, to tap into those natural instincts that come alive whenever they’re outside and to learn about life skills and how to take care of themselves and even to grow their own food. 


Forest Grows:  But surely Dug, there must be some form of government oversight here, I mean, you can’t just let children run wild in the outdoor areas, it would be absolute chaos, would it not?  


Dug Soil:  We do have some bursts of movement Forest that appears to be contrary to the intended actions of the teachers however overall we see a marked improvement in team work, concentration, and general overall happiness of the children… 


Forest Grows:  I’m sorry, I’m going to have to stop you Dug as I’m being told that while Caterpillars class have sent out one of their children for what is being termed “intensive interaction” with the schools Outdoor Learning Coordinator.  Treesa, can you tell us about the latest developments?


Treesa Green:  I’m still here Forest, and I can tell you that this situation is now seemingly picking up pace as further activity seems to be happening.  Just a second ago, a man came out with one of the children, and they went around the Outdoor Learning area in what appears to have been an attempt to engage the child’s interest in her surroundings.  


Forest Grows:  And were the attempts successful, Treesa? 


Treesa Green:  Allegedly so Forest, there is in fact rumours of video footage out there, that is due to be realised at a later date (*SPOILER ALERT*) showing the child happily smiling and laughing.  


Forest Grows:  We’ll have more details for you on these events as they unfold.  Wait….Yes,  I believe that we can now say that further activity is taking place……yes we go back to our on site correspondent Treesa Green.  Treesa, surely nothing more can have taken place, can it?  

Treesa Green:  I’m afraid so Forest.  It seems that after two sessions this Monday, a third has just taken place where children from Ash class were asked to use their communication skills, whether against their will or not is uncertain, to describe what, how, where and why with regards to things they could see in Outdoor Learning.  We’re being told that these children have also been planting and were seen checking on the progress of their plants also.  


Forest Grows:  Treesa, this all seems to raise more questions than answers.  Do we know whether the plants are growing?


Treesa Green:  Well the situation is just developing right now Forest, and is currently fluid.  Its just too early to say.  Back to you in the studio.


Forest Green:  Some disturbing developments to say the least.  We will keep you updated throughout the week as the situation over in Springwood is monitored.  Until then, I’m Forest Green, goodbye.  



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Good Evening I’m Forest Green.  Today we return to the events taking place at Springwood Primary School in Swinton.  Increasingly we have seen further activity taking place on Tuesday that leave observers bemused and bewildered.  We can go now to our onsite reporter Plantsalot O’Roses.  Plantsalot, what can you tell us about todays happenings. 


Plantsalot:  Indeed, it is quite worrying Forest,  today we saw four groups of children come out at different times, engaging in multiple activities in multiple areas of the Outdoor Learning area, usually lead by one man who is described as having some form of waterproof coat on and wearing muddy shoes.  Firstly we saw “Butterflies” class come outside, again Forest we continue to see the teaching about France, this time they were using coloured flags to play a game while others went to observe the growth of THEIR “french beans” before swapping over.


Forest:  And do we know what effect this may have upon the local agricultural economy, if successful? 


Plantsalot:  Its too early to say Forest, but I can tell you that the individuals responsible say they’re cautiously optimistic.

Forest:  And what else do we know Plantsalot?  


Plantsalot:  Shortly afterward a group of Woodpeckers were seen in the area, Forest, having tied in their English lessons with “Outdoor Learning”, they had to look for pictures and objects relating to “The Gruffalo”.


Forest:  Can you tell us whether they found this gruff fellow? Was there a particular reason for his ill tempered countenance? 


Plantsalot:  It appears to have been a children’s story that has been known about for sometime Forest and the children,  we have been told,  used a tick list to demonstrate that they had found different objects or pictures and by taking them directly to the adults show that they could give them the proverbial “thumbs up” for their efforts.   And its pronounced “Gruffalo”, a mythical creature, nothing to do with some bad tempered individual.  


Forest Grows: Indeed.  What else can you tell us?


Plantsalot:  What we then began to see Forest, as the day unfolded, was more goings on in the Outdoor Learning area.  Foxes class, had been learning about Florence Nightingale and so in small groups at a time they came out to make “medicines” using natural elements found in the local vacinity.


Forest Grows:  And we had been made aware of this Plantsalot, thank you.  Joining me now in the studio is our NHS correspondent,  Penny Sillen,  Penny is there not an element of danger here to be had?  


Penny Sillen:  What we can say for certain Forest, is that the children didn’t ACTUALLY consume any of their make believe medicines but used it to help their understanding of Florence Nightingale, and some of the reforms that she made during the Crimean war that are still felt to this day.  


Forest Grows:  Penny Sillen, thank you for your time.  Back now to our onsite reporter,  Plantsalot O’Roses.  Plantsalot I believe you have some further information for us here in the studio? 


Plantsalot O’Roses:  Indeed I do Forest, we’re seeing children gathering together using yet more hammers and nails to create, what we’re being told is to become a planter for the Hedgehogs class to grow plants in.  


Forest Grows:  And have the proper authorities been informed of what is taking place here? 


Plantsalot:  Its yet unclear as to how much they’ve been informed Forest, but a spokesman from Buckingham Palace has said that Her Majesty was encouraged to see that the children were out in the open air and learning life skills that may benefit them later on in life.  Back to you in the studio.


Forest Grows:  Well, thank you Plantsalot.  Thank you for joining us this evening, and we’ll continue to keep you up to date throughout the week.  Until then I’ve been Forest Green.  Goodnight.



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Good evening, I’m Forest Grows.  Our top stories tonight (BONG) The situation at Springwood School continues to develop.  (BONG)  Children are continuing to grow plants and other vegetables in Outdoor Learning (BONG) The individuals responsible remain at large (BONG) 


Good evening.  Throughout the week we’ve been reporting to you the strange goings on at a local primary school in Swinton and we can confirm that the situation has reached some type of pseudo stability with there being less “goings on”.  Here now, to bring us the report is Arty Choke,  Arty what can you tell us about whats going on over there? 

Arty Choke: Evening Forest, well as you’ve said that there have been strange things happening all week in Springwood and it seemed today to hit bit of momentary lull.  This morning was a frantic paced action with Elm class coming out to plant seeds that they are hoping to grow.  Some of the children it seemed were enjoying the fresh air despite the somewhat windy conditions they were operating in, and each child was seen to be using gardening tools and soil to plant their seeds, before putting their pots somewhere to stay safe.   


Forest Grows:  And Arty was this the only event of the day?  


Arty Choke:  No Forest, I’m afraid it wasn’t.  Shortly afterward another class, Badgers it is reported, came out to put root vegetables into planters. 


Forest Grows: Have we identified what they were planting Arty?  Is there any controversy with their choices? 


Arty Choke:  Well we can confirm that the EU has said that they received intelligence suggesting that both potatoes and carrots were being attempted in the area and though they have yet to see any conclusive evidence of growth of root veg, they have sent EU representatives to oversee the project. 


Forest Grows:  Was this all that happened during the day Arty?


Arty Choke:   No Forest, later in the afternoon local residents reported that a man was seen in the Outdoor Learning area singing as he went, while he appeared to be categorising the equipment in the area but his intentions still are largely unknown.  


Forest Grows:  Could this action be seen as aggressive in nature by the local populous? 


Arty Choke:  Its uncertain Forest, there were seen to be glances of confusion by the locals and their dogs as they walked by, however they seem to have been relatively unharmed at this time.  


Forest Grows:  Thank you Arty.  Ladies and Gentlemen in all my professional years I can say that the events we have reported on today are unlike anything we may have yet seen, but we do intend to keep you informed as best as we can until the events come to their ultimate conclusion.  Until then I’ve been Forest Grows, reporting from our studio.  Goodnight. 





Good Evening, I’m Forest Grows.  Our stories being brought to you this evening (BONG) After a day of relative quiet, the situation becomes animated in Springwood’s Outdoor Learning area (BONG) Children are seen planting all day long (BONG) The Whitehouse has released a statement saying “they will intervene if necessary”



Good Evening.  An investigation has been launched into the goings on in Springwood Primary’s Outdoor Learning area.  Accusations have been launched saying that they are actually allowing the children to be outside more than is necessary and that if left unchecked could lead to dangerous consequences.  What started off as a minor event has developed into an incident of international proportions.  Children have been seen throughout the week planting herbs, seeds and vegetables, in what some have said is an infringement on child labour laws.  We go now to our correspondent this evening Rose Hip.   Rose, what has happened today?


Rose Hip:  This was totally unexpected Forest, after a quiet day or what was seen to be a quiet day with a palpable sense of relief, we seen to have gone now past the point of no return.  


Forest Grows:  Have any individuals been harmed Rose?


Rose Hip:  Far from it Forest, it seems in fact to be the opposite, we’re now hearing that the children are actually enjoying their time outside and that three classes came out today, Poplar, Rowan and Maple to plant a variety of seeds, some of them even showing a natural aptitude with their classes for planting and wanting to do more of it by going back and trying to plant multiple seeds in multiple pots.  


Forest Grows:  This seems to be a change in the narrative Rose, are we certain that the children are happy in doing this?  We’ve seen already that The White House has now publicly stated their interest in these events and that they are willing to step in if the situation appears to be unresolved by the end of the week, militarily if need be.  


Rose Hip: We’re hearing reports of laughter, and smiling and even this day the children were seen be enjoying themselves as they went about their lessons, despite was the naysayers claim.  As for the possibility of military occupation by the United States, the individuals don’t seem to be too concerned that possibility and have even stated that they are willing to offer them a pot to put THEIR seeds in, though its yet unclear as to how The White House will respond to that offer. 


Forest Grows: And is this offer genuine Rose?  Or is it more of a political head fake to try and distract Washington from the real goings on there?  

Rose Hip:  At this time its unclear to see whether both sides will come to The Table to discuss the option, and see if some arrangement can be made but right now the sense seems to be one of genuine enjoyment.  


Forest Grows: And was there a fourth class involved Rose,  Beech Class, I believe?  


Rose Hip:  I believe, yes there was was Forest, but the whole session seems to be have been shrouded in secrecy.  We’ve had a Springwood Insider inform us that it was to work on their communication targets while they were in the Outdoor Learning area to see whether the children would differentiate between a choice of two, and that photos have been taken to document the evidence for later observation.  


Forest Grows:  Is it still the case Rose, that we’ve yet to hear from the individuals responsible or their demands?


Rose Hip: Yes that’s true Forest, and this is perhaps the most worrying aspect of this whole drama, is that the individuals responsible have yet to make their demands, indeed even their intentions known. 


Forest Grows:  Thanks Rose.  Our top headlines again tonight.  Springwood continues to develop its Outdoor Learning area as reports fly in of lessons and other activities taking place.  I’ll be back tomorrow to report on all the days dealings.  Until then, goodnight. 





Good evening, I’m Forest Grows.  The headlines tonight (BONG) SportsRelief intermixed with Outdoor Learning (BONG) The U.N. has convened the security council to discuss what can be done to help stabilise the crisis (BONG) Still no statement released from the individuals responsible nor their demands, our experts weigh in. 


Good evening.  What has become an event that has caught the attention of the international community has today seemingly come to its last day.  Springwood Primary School has been the centre of attention all week long with what has been going on in its Outdoor Learning area.  There have been reports of communication targets being worked on, seeds and herbs being planted, and activities happening in various parts of the school grounds using hammers and nails.  Today the school hosted its annual Sports Relief day and here to tell us about it is our Sports Analyst, Rana Mile.   Rana good evening.


Rana: Good evening Forest


Forest:  This was supposed to be a day for Sports Relief but it seems that the individuals involved with Outdoor Learning have now infiltrated other areas of the school, what can you tell us? 


Rana: A day to be remembered indeed Forest, as we saw Bees class come outside but use that time to integrate their Outdoor Learning slot with movement based games such as bulldog (modified folks - don’t panic), UFOs and “domes” and “ice cream cones”.  We also saw Spiders class use their time to help them increase their total mileage output for the day.  


Forest:  And what was the result of the events of the day Rana. 


Rana:  Each of the children appeared to be enjoying themselves and working hard to achieve their goals for Sport Relief. 


Forest:  We turn now to our gardening expert Green Fingers, who joins us in the studio.  Good evening Green. 


Green:  Good evening Forest. 


Forest:  Can you tell me what was observed with the Rabbits and Owls in Outdoor Learning today? 


Green:  Well as you mentioned Forest, The U.N. has been monitoring this situation, they have convened the security council to see what can be done here to alleviate the problem, but it seems that both Rabbits and Owls were blissfully unaware of this as they tried to continue the week long tradition (side note: Can you have a tradition thats only a week long?) of planting.


Forest: And is it possible that we may see some fruition to their plans, Green? 


Green:  I’m afraid only time will tell Forest, it’s certainly something they’re pursuing enthusiastically though.  


Forest:  Thank you Green.  Thats it for this week, I’ll be back next week for more of our top stories but until then, its Thank you and Goodbye. 

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