I CANNOT BELIEVE THAT I'VE MANAGED TO DO A FULL YEAR IN THIS JOB! It's been amazing and I've thoroughly enjoyed myself.  I can't get over the fact that it's been an actual 12 months! And there's still so much for us to do.  I do apologise for the lack of updates over the past few weeks but at least I'm here to end on a positive note.  

Soooooo I can't really say what I've been upto this week because I didn't have that many visitors with everything going on and all the general busy-ness of winding up another scholastic year BUT Hedgehogs did still have me do a fire with them and Bees came out onto the big field to tie in some P.E. with Outdoor Learning (We played football),  Grasshoppers (highlight of the week) have some produce growing in their "back to eden class garden" and we've actually got tomatoes, pumpkins, radishes, brocolli and cauliflower growing!!!! Like with leaves and stems and flowers and mini green tomatoes and pumkins and everything! 

It's been a long hard slog, and we've really laid down the beginnings of a foundation for Outdoor Learning this year.  We've also been recognised at Silver Level for Learning Outside the Classroom, We were asked to do a mini blog for "Outdoor Classroom Day" on their website, we've instigated the beginnings of a Back to Eden Garden and so so so much more.  

The children have: Made dens, made fires, cooked marshmallows, cooked eggy bread, cooked a full english breakfast, used hammers, chisels and saws, improved on their communication skills, improved on their teamwork, learnt about recycling and composting, searched for hidden objects, put up tarps and shelters, put up tents, built a dinosaur out of branches and sticks, gone on a bear hunt, gone on a dinosaur hunt, had Arts Week, had Sports Week, planted potatoes, harvested potatoes, ate potatoes, planted runner beans, harvested runner beans, ate runner beans, watered the plants, planted new plants, turned compost piles, added to compost piles, seived compost material and put it on the soil, they've tilled out class garden patches, weeded and cleared the ground, they've hung up bird feeders, built bird boxes, built planters and helped to build a den, they've raked and wheelbarrowed piles of grass and leaves, and generally just explored our outdoor learning area.  We've had orienteering, we've had lunch time club, we've had after school club and we've had a laugh.  

We've done quite a bit in Outdoor Learning this year.  Just wait till you see what we get up to next year.  You ain't seen nothing yet.  


See you when we get back.  

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