Term 3 Week 4

So much to do.  So little time to do it.  I feel like the white rabbit from Alice in Wonderland, running round with a giant clock and a worried expression on my face.  

That being said I had a cracking week.  Except I've just realised that one of those days was a bank holiday, and another day I was put into a class for a whole day, and on another half a day....so I've not actually been outside all that much this week.....yeeeaahhhh.  Anyways, what happened? 

Weeeelllll things are moving along quite nicely in Outdoor Learning.  Slowly.  But moving.   We've got one class in Grasshoppers that's cleared an area for their own class allotment, and other in Maple that are working on theirs.  Eventually we're hoping to have every class have some form of allotment going on...and then we'll start a "Farmers Market".....What else?  The potato harvest is coming along nicely...alright its one grow bag currently BUT Elm planted some potato and onion seeds and the potato seeds especially have shot up, so we've added some more compost to that.  Also, Elm planted some...petunias?....pansys?...anyways it was a flower beginning with "p", (I'll have to put up photos at some point - progress video soon to come, methinks), and they've come up nicely.  

Now don't get it twisted, we've still a long way to go before anything substantial comes up BUT we've planted some things in our planters....SPEAKING OF WHICH! Hedgehogs! Remember them?!? Well they made a class planter didn't they?  You do know, don't be daft, the class planter they made? We put pictures up and everything.  Anyways they've started to use it and have planted lettuce and carrots.  Yeh! Check that out.  Anyways what was I saying?  

Oh yeh, so we've planted things in our planter and I've not killed them off yet.  Which reminds me about Owls.  Becoming a floristry that lot, let me tell you.  Came round yesterday asking could they have one of my hanging baskets (nearly typed basketball by accident - ever heard of a hanging basketball?) and compost and stuff and they're gonna put up hanging baskets in Outdoor Learning and get the children to water them and look after them and hopefully it'll attract more bees, butterflies and wasps and other pollinators.  

Seeeee we do it all here, eh?  Check it out.  Started off with nothing but a grass field, two planters fully loaded with weeds and not much else and now....not much has changed, not much at all BUT, but, it's the thought that counts.  So there you go.  

But seriously, we're proud of our children and we hope that they'll pick up skills and learn things along the way and hopefully one day, be able to actually have a constant source of new and exciting fruits, veggies, flowers and DID YOU SEE THE CHICKENS YET?  Sorry I know my brains going everywhere today and my secondary school English teacher is losing his nut over my grammatical errors (Mr. Stubbs if you read this - hello sir) but: HAVE YOU SEEN THE CHICKENS!?! Yeh they're not mine, but how cute eh?  And, and, I learnt something new, that I didn't even know was a thing BUT when the chicks are born, after they've been hatched, they eat the shell! How about that! I KNOW! 

So...whose left?  Oh oh oh let me tell you about Deer Class.  I had a cracking time with Deer class (can't think of a Deer related pun, I'm afraid) BUT I went out with three of them into the "tree line" and we just had a right laugh.  One of them, dressed as a bear, got a little stuck in the long grass at one point but these guys are highlight of the week for me.   Was lovely to be able to take them out and just see them engage and interact with their environment.  

Oak came out and so did Poplar and used the Three Little Pigs as a theme from English to go searching for The Big Bad Wolf (Oak) and to make houses made of sticks (Poplar).  Badgers were there in the background, doing "cause and effect" work by having the children search for hidden items and learning to distinguish between objects that have sound and those that don't and what they mean.  Finally Beech class were mixing their communication targets with their searching for hidden items which went well, and there were some nice interactions going on as well.


So there we go.  Two weeks till the end of half term.  Hasn't the year flown by.  Where does the time go?  Anyways I shall see you soon.  I'm needed elsewhere.



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