Term 3 Week 5

It'll soon be Christmas. 

Sorry couldn't help it.  I want a pony though.  Just incase you wondered.  

Soooooo this week was another fantastic, fun filled, frontier into the fabulous world of Outdoor Learning.  And let me tell you I had another thoroughly enjoyable time.  

Monday was a cracker - The Grasshoppers are pretty much there with their class allotment, as we continued to develop the fencing using sticks that we found on site and cleared the ground of any rubbish or debris and we're hoping to plant into it next week.  Don't ask me what'll happen over the summer, I've not a clue yet.   I might have to move in to tend the garden though.  Hopefully this will lead to more and more class allotments until we genuinely are growing our own vegetables, fruits, herbs, flowers etc consistently and constantly.  Farmers Market anyone? Then we had the Spiders and Dragonflies saddle up with their horses on sticks.  "Nay" you may say, to which I respond "Reign it in".  Why the long face? (Sorry, I'll stop now).  But we used sticks to make horses and to explore the area.  Hi ho Silver!!! AWwwwwaaay! Then we had Ash class come out, and for me this was highlight of the week, which so early on is quite unusual BUT they used nature to inspire them and created butterflies on paper using what they could find.  What was so lovely about it was the level of engagement that they displayed.  The children really got into the activity, and as we did it in an area (whose name pretty much changes with whatever term we're in) called "the tree line" they seemed to just...settle.  Finally we had Bees who were wanting to do some orienteering work (Something we've added to Outdoor Learning recently) but it called for some teamwork development and communication skills.  There was this moment, where a child was struggling with a game with we're engaging in and the whole class began to cheer him on and when he finally took a step (that for him was a challenge) the whole group erupted into a cheer.  I love it. 

Be right back...I need coffee... 

I'm back.  I decided on water.  Tuesday.  What was Tuesday....POPLAR! Love those guys, they're always so happy to come out.  Actually so are the rest of the classes too....so there we go.  Anyways, but Poplar came out and searched for the three little pigs, who were hiding from the big bad wolf in the Outdoor Learning area.  They found them.  Elm followed shortly after and these guys are not long from harvesting the first potato crop of the year.  Their potato plants should be ready just before we break up for Summer I think.   Farmers market anyone?  Foxes came to have a look and see if any birds had been feasting upon the bird feeders they made for them... they didn't just feast, they'd ripped them off the branches and carried them off down the road! I know the feeling.  When I'm hungry, all manner of sensibility goes out the window.  Oak class, last but by no means least, came out and they searched for shapes in Outdoor Learning.  They found them.  

Wednesday saw Deer class come into the "tree line" under the "den" that I've constructed.  Yeh it's not "The Den" that we were planning on building, but we've found a much better alternative.  So much so that when Outdoor Learning club came out on Monday Lunch time, they got that excited that we had an impromptu party and even sang "Happy Birthday" to Outdoor Learning.  I just went with the flow.  Anyways, after Deer was Hedgehogs who planted some Sunflower Seeds in the big planter.  Hopefully we'll see them grow.  Then we can eat the seeds and sell on the surplus.  Farmers Market, anyone?

Thursday.  Woodpeckers would've come out except they decided to go on a visit to a farm, but Beech came out and worked on finding hidden objects, of which there were many in Outdoor Learning.  Maple came and continued to work on their class allotment, so that the ground was being turned over.  One child in particular was just absorbed in this, and I later found out that they refer to Outdoor Learning as "Happy Learning", which is nice because you do want them to enjoy it.  Badgers came to the Big Field, and we let them explore the area, but because they've never ventured out of the Badger Hole that much, it was a little daunting for them, bless 'em.  

Friday.  Twit twoo, in the owls flew.  And we had CRESS HEADS! Never made them before, to the best of my knowledge but had a great time with this one.  Sycamore continued to develop their adventure into the world of orienteering, and the did really well because they also had to work as a team, and work on their communication and leadership skills and the children all helped one another in different ways and although they sometimes struggled, they overcame the challenges set before them.  Next week we're going to Dartmoor.  Alright, alright I'm joking.  It's not Dartmoor.  It's the Peak District.  Butterflies have been learning all about WW2 and so they were making "items" for the soldiers just like their ancestors had to do in the factories around the UK, and finally Caterpillars class all came out and searched for hidden carrots amongst the plant pots and planters in Outdoor Learning. 

So as you can see, we do do a lot of things in Outdoor Learning.  But we're having a great time doing it, and we'll keep you updated as we go along. 

See you next week for End of Half Term! 

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