Term 3 Week 6

I just had a thought....if this goes on for a protracted period of time, am I going to have to start headlining these blog spots to include the year as well?  Well I suppose we'll see, won't we.  

This week?  To be honest, the blessings have been this year so far, we have consistently in our school regular outdoor learning sessions and it just made me think that its a blessing that we're actually able to go out with our children, consistently, do all manner of lessons and activities with them in all kinds of weathers.  AND THEY LOVE IT! 

One child I heard when his teacher asked him what time it was, said "time for Happy Learning"  HAPPY LEARNING! Talk about tug at the heart strings! Put a smile right on my face, it did.  Happy Learning.  Well there you go.  We've come through another half term.  Tell ya what though, what a cracking week to be outside.  And how English are we?  The moment the sun peeks its face from behind the clouds we're like "its too hot". Rain "its too wet". Snow "its too dangerous to go outside". Windy "its too cold" - I'm not sure what particular climate we English are hoping for but I think its something like that of southern France mixed in with a slight breeze, and just an appropriate amount of snow, but not so much as to inconvenience anyone, but enough to make the Christmas cards look pretty, and then we'll be alright.  But we don't live in the south of France, do we? 

Anyways another productive week in Outdoor Learning.  Grasshoppers and Maple have been working hard on their class allotments, and now Owls want to get in on the action too - nice.  Then Elm class have been checking on their grow bag of potatoes and suffice to say I'm already planning on wedges with chicken next month (Speaking of chickens, did you follow the baby chicks we had in school?  Adorable little fluff balls they were - I held one.)  BUT they're not the only ones because Owls class also have a grow bag and their veg is half way done, and hedgehogs do too! There's more to growing veg than you think, you know.  So if someone could fill me in, then that'd be appreciated (laughter track).  Hedgehogs ALSO have a grow bag.....growing....and we're not seeing anything yet but give it time and they'll be along shortly I'm sure.  We're inspiring a generation of gardens I tell you.  PLUS little often mentioned, in the gardening department that is BUT Badgers also have new potatoes growing and I think they'll be ready soon enough...or at least I hope they will, because it was quite unexpected to see them suddenly appear out of nowhere.  

Dragonflies and Spiders came outside for some child led play with sticks where we had horse riding, drumming, mixing and throwing (not necessarily at one another), followed by Ash class who made spiders this week using the materials that they could find on the tree line floor, and finally Bees class came out and did a cracking orienteering lesson where we used a miniature course to teach them about the points on the compass to go through a course, and at first I was a little unsure on how they'd handled it but they nailed it and overcame the challenges they faced.  

Tuesday started with Poplar who came out and had a time of "child led exploration", Elm class followed them out to look at the potatoes and how they were growing but linked that in with size and shape learning.  Foxes helped me out with composting by ripping up some cardboard for me, which considering the amount to get through was quite helpful, and then off they went to explore the "tree line".  Finally we finished the day with Oak, who went searching for hidden shapes in Outdoor Learning.  

Deer came out on Wednesday morning and went into "The Den" and watched how the wind made the trees move, and then Hedgehogs came out and went searching for matching pairs of baby and mother animals e.g. gosling and a duck, chick and chicken etc.  

Then before you know it we're onto Thursday and we're exploring with Woodpeckers and learning how our bodies move, while Beech class learnt how different objects moved down the hill in our Outdoor Learning area.  

Friday?  Friday got rained off.  Okay that's not true.  Owls came out and helped clear up Outdoor Learning as it was the last day, by finding objects that needed stacking together, then some of them helped to rip up cardboard while others used garden tools to gather in cut grass for our compost.  Butterflies on the other hand also have a mini allotment that they've made themselves indoors, in their classroom, so we cleared out any "dead stuff" and raked through the soil to make sure there was nothing hiding under the surface that needed to come out and now we can plant more stuff in it!   So when you think about it we've got...1...2....3...something like 8 classes growing different things in different areas of the school.   Alright, we're not ready for the Farmers Market on a Saturday morning before you go off and do your weekly big shop (I'm thinking a 9am start?) BUT our children are growing things people! Just you wait till I have a word with Aldi - Oakwood farm better watch out, let me tell ya.  


Highlight of the week is Hedgehogs who went and built a planter which they're now using in our Outdoor Learning area.  So have a peruse for your viewing pleasure.  


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