Term 3 Week 8

"And now we return to our usual programming, Outdoors with Andy"

Back to business as usual.  Though if you've been reading this for any length of time you've probably realised that there is nothing really "usual" about our Outdoor Learning at Springwood, but you get my meaning I'm sure.  Healthy Living Week is over and I'm uploading a little highlight reel of what we got upto at the Swinton site 

So what have been doing this week then?  

Grasshoppers have planted tomatoes in their class allotment and I'm excited to see a few flowers appearing - honestly, you just wait and I'll have a farmers market up and running in no time! Dragonflies and Spiders jump together and are learning about the differences between animals and humans by searching all over Outdoor Learning proper and then sorting them into their correct place.  Ash class came out to the big field and gathered up firewood to dry out for their topic of "hot and cold" and they'll be making some wonderful fires over the next few weeks (BBQ, anyone?) while Bees class continue with their Orienteering development and they are nailing it! We're still in the development stages where we're going over the compass points and which direction is North BUT they've done really well with it and we hope that they'll continue to build on it.  

Poplar are learning about hot and cold and how that affects objects...so naturally you have to have a fire and once you've built it the children have to have a go at putting sticks on the fire and let their eyes dance as they see the flames move.  Elm - let me tell you about Elm, they are going to be harvesting their potatoes in the following week that they've planted and then they're going to eat them.  That's what Elm did.  Yeh.  Thats right.  Foxes wanted to compare the differences between animals and humans and so we had them looking for different types of animals and the differences between various people groups.  Oak are looking forward to building a fire next week with all the firewood they gathered this week.  Suffice to say Manchester Fire Control are going to be getting a lot of phone calls over the next few weeks.  At least I get to generate a lot of wood ash for my compost and my plants.  SPEAKING OF WHICH: Brief mention about Ash Class.  They planted runner beans early in the year and they are now MASSIVE! So we're working on our produce as we go.  Alan Titchmarsh, eat your heart out! 


Wednesday was a visit from Hedgehogs who wanted to see what different colours they could see within Outdoor Learning and whether they could differentiate between them all.  This then lead into Thursday where Badgers came out to explore the big field which is a big step for them, BUT if you remember thursday, you'll remember that "blustery" was putting it lightly.   Well they went into the tree line and watched the wind make the trees dance, and they were loving it.  Woodpeckers were working on finding the differences between big and small and finding different objects that they could compare sizes to before putting them on a range that they made.  Beech class went for a multipronged approach in our big field where we had a "quiet area" set up in the tree line while the wind was making things move, which was mesmerising as well as a sensory story for "the gingerbread man" AND an object search for the various characters that they could find.  Finally Maple came out to experience the heat created by an open fire and watch the flames dance.  

Owls want to build a fence for when they have their class allotment sorted.  So I let them.  Saws and clamps, and gloves and glasses at the ready. 3,2,1, bish, bash, bosh.  Job done.  All right maybe its not a full fence yet...but it will be...you just wait and see.  Butterflies came out to start building up our bird sanctuary/area/walkthrough/thing.  We put up some bird feeders with different seeds to see which they liked the most and the children are going to measure each week which has been eaten more of.  We also put up some wind catchers and little insect lights, which I think are for their amusement but I'm not entirely sure.  Caterpillars.  I had a lovely time with Caterpillars and I'm absolutely kicking myself for not having my camera with me.  I had a little friend come out to visit me for the first time in the big field and he was absolutely loving it.  I took him to "the den" and just let him listen to the wind and the birds and allow the sensation of the wind moving the tarp to catch his attention and he was smiling and laughing all the way.  


Highlight of the week is:  Healthy Living Week.   Check out what we got up to in Outdoor Learning during Healthy Living Week and I'll see you next time. 


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