Update from the hive - Bees week 2

This week we have looked a bit more into the Railways and explored trains in a lot of areas.

We have finished the Railway Children and in English we have all looked at writing a letter, discussed the layout of a formal letter and attempted to write our own asking for medicine from the doctor just like the children in the Railway Children. 

As a class we attempted to make the noise of a train whistle with our hands in music and the nset up a train in the classroom making the sounds and sensations of a real train journey using our imagination and some msucial instruments to really bring home the train journey feel.

In Science we looked at different materials and whether various liquids could go through different solids, we all really enjoyed this group task and had a lot of fun predicting which items would absorb the liquids and which would let it pass through. 

On top of all this we also found some time to make a loaf of bread in Food Technology and then after our Science lesson we enjoyed this with some Jam. Clayton was extremely helpful once again and offered to spread the jam on everyones bread.


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