Week 10

"Sleighbells ring, are you listening?"  No? no one? just me then.... So anyways, as we move on through our Outdoor Learning experience and continue to develop our area, the leaves have been turning some magnificent colours, the temperature continues to drop and the nights are drawing in.  

BUT STILL WE CONTINUE! We've been having a fantastic time outside this week.  We kicked it off with Grasshoppers coming out and looking for Dinosaur bones that had "been excavated" and *SPOILER ALERT* next week they're going to do their own excavation and see what else they can conjour up.  Spiders came out and used our "Augmented reality" software on the ipads to look to see if they could find any dinosaures roaming around the area and take some photos with them,  while Bees came out to see if they could see any in their "natural habitat" and learn about the difference between herbivores and carnivores.  

In the "Woodland creatures" we had hedgehogs learning to make "nature brushes" where they found different sticks and then used different materials (grass, leaves, other sticks) to turn them into "brushes".  Foxes kicked off their session by distinguishing between outdoor and indoor toys, while Rabbits were allowed to come out and have a "free play" with toys that could be used Outside.  

In the world of large, wooden, inanimate objects (that's "trees" to you and me), we had a great time with Poplar.  They came outside and did a "outdoor assault course" where we mixed lots of different elements together such as balancing, building, carrying, throwing.  I enjoyed it so much I've made it "highlight of the week" so check out the gallery section on the main page.

We're going to continue working to develop the area, with hopefully something other than the "mud kitchen" to tell you about, but for now, "slow and steady wins the race." 

Have a look at the new gallery for pictures of Poplars "outdoor assualt course" 



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