Week 12


Because I'm here for you guys, that's why.  And I like to make it a little bit more interesting.

In other news this week, I HAVE lost weight, thank you for asking.  

Now then where was I?  Oh yes.  This week.  Let me tell you about this week.  It had 7 days in it.  But seriously folks, we've had an interesting time.  Grasshoppers got to excavate their dinos from the ravages of sand and time, and were also looking at adjectives for their large reptilian friends (bit of cross curricular activity for you there).  Ash had the most lovely time out as a class together which is something they've not had a chance to do yet, but they all wrapped up warm and came out for some mark making and I.E.P targets.  I'm told this week their teacher has a lovely surprise for them.  Here's hoping it all works out :-) 

Tuesday I wasn't around unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on whom you ask) and so we'll be looking to work with Bees, Butterflies, Hedgehogs and Foxes this week.  

Wednesday we had Elm include some of their communication targets into their outdoor learning using single sentence structures with multicoloured balls.  Elm class love coming outside, and its lovely to see some of them just "light up" when they come into the Outdoor Learning area.  Badgers continue in developing their gross motor skills with their communication.  One child in particular had a fantastic moment where he got hold of my attention to help him to climb up and down on the "climbing wall".  What was special about this moment was that he'd never communicated with me, his clear intentions of wanting to climb up the wall with my help and then worked with me to help him climb down rather than simply letting go of the wall or jumping down.  Oak class came out and worked on creating individual leaf collages also.  

Thursday being St. Andrews Day saw the whole school search for "Nessie" The Loch Ness Monster.  Rumours of the beast being found in an indoor office were greatly exaggerated.  

Friday came with much a fan fare as...well largely because it was Friday, and why not?  We had Owls swoop on in (see what I did there, see what I did there!) and create bird feeders for their fine feathered friends.  The children enjoyed the peanut butter, and finally we closed out the week with a visit from Sycamore, who didn't get a chance to join in with the school search for "Nessie" and so they looked high, they looked low, they search for Nessie wherever they should go.  The search continues.  

Check out the gallery photos this week for the lunch time Outdoor Learning Clubs effort to help with the Outdoor Learning Den.  

See you soon soon!


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