Week 13

This week has been busy.  In many different ways.  Unfortunately, this is actually the second time I've written this blog because my last session "timed out" on me and so I lost all of what I had written.  BUT NO MATTER! We shall press on.  

Some classes weren't able to make it sadly, as they had practice for their Christmas performances but here is a brief treatise on what we got up to outside. 

Monday with Grasshoppers, Ash, Woodpeckers and Spiders is how I like to start my week at Springwood.  Grasshoppers integrated both bones and dinosaurs into their "dino dig" this week.  The children continue to develop their use of adjectives to describe what they've found and even used different tools to last week to dig them out.  Ash make "Highlight of The Week" this time around.  They're one of those classes who usually shout "ANDY!!!" whenever I walk in the room.  How can you not appreciate that.  Woodpeckers came outside to help improve upon The Den along with Spiders who went searching for bones in the "dig site" while using a range of tools to help them find multicoloured bones.  

Tuesday saw Foxes develop their den building skills, before I know it this den will be ready to advertise for vacancies.  While a lot of different classes may do this activity, for them it's a different activity with each class and so they get some exposure to having a part to play in its construction.  Butterflies really impressed me.  They came out and added a prehistoric twist to "We're going on a bear hunt" by recreating each part of the story in an area of the school grounds.  This one was just a lot of fun to be a part of, and the children loved it.  Bees built a dinosaur.  Yeah, that's right.  Built one.  Alright perhaps it wasn't life size, but a full on "diplodicus" made of wood in your back garden is nothing to shake a stick at (see what I did there.) 

Wednesday had Elm come out and develop and expand on their communication skills with the multicoloured balls.  However this week we built upon previous stages by adding new elements to the task such as more people to give the items to, and more colours to choose from.  Once this was done then we changed from giving multi coloured balls to items of nature that they could find, and they then had to give these to one another rather than just the adults.  Badgers had their outdoor learning lesson focusing on their balance and moving targets but we changed the area that we operated in to give a new challenge for them to consider.  

Thursday had Beech come outside....and then a storm blew in, and so they immediately retreated inside.  I'm all for Outdoor Learning but there comes a point when you need to admit that you're out of your depth and called it quits.  Rain, yes.  Wind, Yep.  Storms?  Probably not a good idea.  

Friday came around so quickly and before I knew it Owls were having a hoot outside searching for Christmas items that were found in the trees.  Christmas puddings, tinsel, and reindeer antlers were the choice of clothing that day.  Sycamore came out to help with The Den construction.  The difference this time was that because some of them had helped with the Den in Outdoor Lunch Time Club, I decided to ask those children to work on their communication skills and team work to help their classmates choose the right type of sticks to work on an area with.  Rabbits hopped along (Sorry, I'll stop now) and searched for items to put into their ice vase that they're making for their Christmas dinner.  

So that's all for this week.  

Enjoy the snow and I'll see you soon


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