OUT OF NOWHERE! BAM! AN UNEXPECTED EARLY ENTRY!  Didn't see that one coming did you?  Well there you go. May you be better prepared next time.  Now where was I?

OH YEAH! IT'S WEEK 14!!! Can you believe we ACTUALLY got here! Deary me, I'm a tad bit excited I'll have you know.  That and I've just had some strong coffee, and I'm now going back for more....excuse me....

Now that I have my refill, let us begin: 

Our last full week of the term!  I love my job, as you can tell, and I get to inform you lovely individuals about it on a week by week basis.  Now admittedly, we did have lower numbers this week due to Christmas performances and other Christmas based festivities.  But that didn't stop us, did it?  No it did not. 

Grasshoppers came out and totally surprised me, by requesting to do "worm charming" at the beginning of the week.  I thought "It will be too cold.  We won't find anything.  They've emigrated to New Zealand for warmer climates."  Instead Grasshoppers collected a bucket load and placed them into our school compost bin where they'll be nice and warm over winter and will help break down all the material we've put in there. Woodpeckers came out to have a look at the area and the progress of the new bike track, while the Spiders came on a bit of a "sensory" exploration with the snow that had been laid over the weekend.  

Tuesday saw Foxes come to help with the progression of The Den.  It's going through several changes at the minute but eventually we hope it will be somewhere the children can have a shelter for when the weather gets a little "interesting", an outdoor classroom, and also just somewhere they can just sit and relax as well.  Multipurpose.  Anyways, the Foxes came out and helped with the construction of that while Bees used a colour chart to see what items they could find that matched it.  It was interesting to see them at times gather different items for the same colour and what their perception of the environment was.  

Wednesday had Elm increase the level of difficulty of a task that they've been working on to develop the childrens communication and understanding of simple instructions.  We started with coloured balls and simple instructions like "Put the red ball in the bucket" to building up to having the children exchange items with one another and have multiple items of choice available to choose from.  They've worked hard on this task and have done themselves proud.  Badgers (Highlight of The Week #Spoiler) continued to work on their gross motor skill patterns over a variety of surfaces and implements.  For some of the children this can be quiet a challenge.  Even something like stepping up and down stairs needs to be consistently practiced.  

Thursday had Poplar come out and play in the Mud Kitchen, which at first I didn't think they were going to enjoy but after what seemed like a slow start they suddenly just sprang into action and were playing with all manner of implements and getting their hands mucky.  Brilliant.  Beech class came out for the last session of the day and had an exploration session for their last lesson of term.  

Friday.  This one was fun.  Owls came out and asked me for somewhat of an odd request "Can we have a log?"  then they turned around and asked me to saw it this way and that to make something for a special occasion.  I don't want to give too much away, as it will feature later next week.  However we digress.  Sycamore came out for their last session of the term and made hot chocolate over an open fire, with marshmallows and cream and everything!  Being somewhat emboldened, I had them put sticks and twigs on the fire to keep it going, because everyone has to experience putting wood on an open fire at least once.  And yes they were supervised at all times, don't worry folks.

And so that's it.  We've got our first term out of the way (well, nearly).  There is literally SO MUCH to still work on in our Outdoor Learning area but I'm having a blast doing it.  As we go on, I'll try to keep you updated as much as possible as each new exciting development happens, but until then:  Merry Christmas! 






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