Week 7

Would you believe it! Week 7! Half Term! 

I do apologise for not posting earlier this morning.  I was out being itinerant.  Sounds grand doesn't it. 

So what did we do in our final week? 

In minibeasts we had Spiders come outside and make bird feeders using old cola bottles, and Grasshoppers helped collect leaves from all over the outdoor area, as it looked like we'd just laid down new carpet.  Bees got to see their first fire (I couldn't help myself) and Butterflies added to the ever growing compost pile along with Caterpillars who go round on a friday afternoon to collect other materials to add to it.  

In Woodland creatures we had Rabbits come out to play on the last day, and they used their time to explore with one of the children trying to get a fire going by adding wet leaves, sticks and cardboard to the firepit and then rubbing his hands together saying "hot!".  Badgers developed their physical gross motor skills by practicing their balancing on various object and Owls cooked various foods on the open fire (check out the gallery section - I was well proud of myself!).  Foxes came out to play by having a fire and in hedgehogs we built a den for the children to come and hide it. It was amazing! The thing actually stood up and the children decorated it with leaves, sticks and any other natural material they could get their hands on. 

In the tall world of trees we had Ash come outside to work on their individual targets linking different curriculum subjects with their outdoor learning.  It was really nice to see one of the children not only tell us what colours she saw but then also tell us what the weather was like and the different textures that she could feel on the various sticks, leaves and other items found in nature.  

So it's been pretty busy for our first half term to be honest.  Unfotunately their are no fires to be had next half term (sad face) but as we continue to move for with our project here, we'll try to provide you with regular updates, photos and videos.  Check out the "Back To Eden" page for a quick video I took of the wood chips and the steam that was rising off them.  



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