Week 9

Sooooo what have we been upto this week?  Well a cursory glance at the gallery section will tell you we've been playing with dinosaurs on our big field in the outdoor learning area with the minibeasts.  My favourite is the photo of Luke looking thoroughly unimpressed as two apatosaurs walk by.  

We've also had visits from the woodland creatures who've been playing with the mud kitchen (FINALLY SOMEONES BEEN ABLE TO USE IT!) and both Foxes and Rabbits got their paws dirty and had a whole bunch of fun playing around and making mud pies and mud soup and just anything generally mud related.  Have a look at the gallery photos for more of an idea of what they've been up to. 

In Trees we've linked done some cross curricular links with the children by taking their individual work plans and linking their english and maths targets to Outdoor Learning.  In Elm we learnt about counting to 10 using leaves and logs and how to differentiate between "big" and "small".  Rowan came out and used "Numicon" while getting the children to match the correct amount of outdoor objects to the correct number.  Ash came out and linked their individual english and maths targets to Outdoor Learning, while Sycamore improved their knowledge of flags around the world by trying to search for them in the various parts of Outdoor Learning and helping the children to understand the different ones we find in the nations of the world. 

We've had Outdoor Learning at lunch times and now we're also doing an after school club as well.  Suffice to say, I'm being kept out of trouble. 


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