Year 2 Term 1 Week 12

Wet, wild, windy and other words beginning with "w" were the standard this week.  Didn't stop us going out though.  Except on Wednesday.  That was pretty wet.  

MondayGrasshoppers served an eviction notice to the rest of the worms on the field this week in an attempt to help build a wormery.  Nah it wasn't that bad but we did manage to find 40 of them, which I was pretty impressed with plus it shows that the soil levels are pretty healthy too.   Or at least that's what I've been told.  Squirrels came out to play in the mud kitchen and this week saw multiple "pies" and "cakes" all dotted around the "fire pit", which wasn't in use at the time.  Finally Sycamore came out to build a massive Christmas tree using natural materials and I'll be putting up photos of that and others during the week.  Going to try and get a little competition started among the classes for the best decorated. 

Tuesday:  Cedar came out to continue to develop their maths skills finding different amounts of items in Outdoor Learning, while Oak would go on to scatter large numicon numbers around Outdoor Learning and the children had to find and match them to the correct amount.  Ladybirds found out what Sycamore had done and got in on the action and made their "natural Christmas trees" (sounds like something I could market....).  At this point a deluge started but that didn't stop us from getting a fire going and cooking eggs and bacon for "Open Fire Cooking" for Ash class. 

Wednesday:  No one was going out in that.  No one. 

Thursday: Willow class used shapes and prepositions to combine a maths session and outdoor learning and the children seemed to do really well learning about whether an object was "in", "on", "next to", "in front of", "behind" or "under" and finally to top the day off we have Hedgehogs continue with their Forest School session.  Lots of fun there.

Friday:  Combining The Nativity with Outdoor Learning, Butterflies took the account of Mary and Josephy travelling to Bethlehem from Nazareth and had my friends come outside with hobby horses.  I was the only one singing "little donkey".  The other TA had forgotten the words.  Dragonflies came and played in the mud kitchen mixing up all manner of meals and mixtures.  It still gets called "happy learning" in that class - brings a smile every time, it does.  Badgers braved the gale force winds in search of photos of their family members and to see if they could recognise them.  Fortunately we have plenty of tree stumps to use as paper weights. 

So that was that.  Not long now till end of term, and I hope you're all having a fun time whatever you're getting up to.

Photos this week are from Grasshoppers and I'll put up the Christmas trees from Sycamore and Ladybirds class


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