Year 2 Term 1 Week 11

Yeeaahhhh so I've missed a few weeks somewhere.  Apologies.  I was meant to update two weeks ago but I was getting ready for my second week of Forest School training up in Cumbria and so I missed that week, the week after I was in Cumbria and thus we're brought to this week.  But lots have still been going on.  I going to attempt to placate you all by putting up a mega job lot from 4 classes that had some great sessions outside: two lessons based around Hanzel and Gretel, a leaf hunt and an outdoor cooking session linked to "street food" where we made bacon and egg sandwiches.  So there we go. 

As for this week...

MondayGrasshoppers wanted to come outside and build their own wormery and I'll be honest, I was surprised at how many we found.  So they kindly donated them to the compost pile with the hope of finding even more next week to build individual wormeries that the class will look after and add material too etc etc.  I think we found 20 the area that we dug in, and apparently the more worms you have in an area is a good indication of the quality of your soil?  If that's true then I'm looking forward to the spring and autumn harvest already.  Squirrels had a plan to hunt for sticks and use it to build a giant wreath, so hopefully we'll be able to show you that as the weeks go on.  Not long now till Christmas! Sycamore class came out to have a exploration session.  Having done my first Forest School sessions with them I can tell you it makes a difference.  Its not the be-all-and-end-all BUT we had a great time together and who knows I might get to work with them again.  

Tuesday: Cedar popped outside to use numbers to count up to a number in a nature inspired maths session.  While Ladybirds came out and experienced gale force winds while doing bark rubbings.  The children really seemed to engage with the activity despite the climatic conditions especially as they began to see the pictures forming.  Ash class - they've been looking at cities as a theme and while you can't put the city into nature in the strict sense of the word, you can cook outdoor "street food" on an open fire and make burgers.  Who says pouring rain means you can't eat!  Don't ask me where this ends though - come Christmas time we might be aiming for a full fledged Christmas turkey with trimmings at the rate this is going. 

Wednesday:  Wednesday is largely my office day where I'm currently working through paperwork, assessments and other official items so that the school is recognised as having not one but two Forest School Leaders.  But its not all about me - I had a visit from my friends from Poplar who told me that they wanted to do some sensory exploration with sticks, leaves and grass.  And so we did.  We also used said sticks, leaves and twigs to make some natural musical sounds.  And to see how many times we could make the stick spin in the air.  The children loved it. 

Thursday:  Far from an office day, I had Hedgehogs come out for Forest School in the afternoon while Willow came out to search for shapes and match them with 3D shapes and then to say whether they thought the shapes were "in", "on", "under" or "next to".  Prepositions. 

Friday:  Friday saw Butterflies re-enact Hanzel and Gretel by taking the children out to the woods and leaving them there.  Yes there were adults present.  The children enjoyed this one.  How do I know?  Because they were laughing and smiling the whole way.  The only problem was that rather than saying one of the characters names, they intermittently cried out "Andy where are you..." Pretty sure he's not part of the story...Dragonflies came out and played with the mud kitchen and created all manner of recipes while Badgers had a good old dose of "green time" in the trees.  And Friday wouldn't be Friday without a visit from Caterpillars who love to watch the trees move in the wind and see the various sights and sounds that Outdoor Learning has to offer.

Highlight of the Week:  I'm going to put up some highlights from the previous sessions including Butterflies from this week so you'll have something to tide you over till next time.

See you soon.

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