Year 2 Term 1 Week 2

I'm definitely going to get lost in typing out those titles.  Hang on a second, I'm getting a coffee....

Anyways.  Where was I.  GoPros! Just a brief treatise on GoPros - Cracking things.  In fact a lot of the photos and videos I take are done using that marvelous piece of hands free technology.  There's a problem though.  I use a chest strap so that I can get a decent angle of what I'm filming.  Sometimes that leads to a lot of photos of knees when I'm bending down.  Mine specifically.  Don't worry they're covered up (and appropriately so I might add) but, y'know, how many photos does one person need of knees.  And had I never brought this up, you'd be done the wiser.  But there we go. 


So what happened this week?   It rained.  Well actually it only rained really badly on Thursday and Friday.  And a bit on Monday.  I'm not so sure about Wednesday because I had to...Yeh I think it also rained on Wednesday too.  Those big old rain clouds threatened to cancel Outdoor Learning completely but I said "NO SIR!" and went out anyways.  No one else followed me though. 

Monday started with an oddly timed harvesting of Spring-sown tomatoes and pumpkins with Grasshoppers. To be fair, had we not done, I think all the tomatoes would've rotted away, and because their was no one there to harvest them over the 6 weeks we could've lost the lot.  However we did manage to gather a lot in, which we're seeing if they'll ripen indoors and alongside them came two beachball sized pumpkins (I've asked for the seeds to nibble on...and I may plant some too.)  There was a third pumpkin, but this one was a bit more modest.  However this has lead to three to four more classes wanting to start their own veggie patches too.  Exciting.  Squirrels.  They just went nuts.  SORRY, I have to stop making that joke.  Squirrels are new members that have come up from Craig Hall and they looked at the different numbers going up to 5 and seeing if they could match the number with the correct amount of natural materials. 

Sycamore came out after this (H.O.T.W.) and did a wonderful session on "cavemen" activities - being that there are no actual caves in our Outdoor Learning area.  So at some point clearly we'll have to make one.....out of fallen tree branches and leaves....and stuff.  But we did some music making using various natual elements.  We even (if I remember correctly) did a bit of a dance, and then made a fire together.  All things "Cavemen" based.  Was pretty good to be honest.  

Tuesday.  Very busy day Tuesday.  Which is why its name is in bold.  What did we do on Tuesday.  Cedar came out and learnt about the differences between BIG (Deep manly voice) and small (tiny squeak) using woodland materials.  Oak followed up by doing Mud Painting - which lead to the obligatory putting of mud on each others faces - FACE PALM! and there were some lovely pictures done on paper too, I might add.  I did get a few strange looks...from basically everyone as I walked back in the building (we don't have a composting toilet yet).  

Wednesday - Wednesday is office day for me BUT I still find time to have Poplar come out and visit, and visit they did.  They're one of the classes that wants to attempt their own veggie plot and so we'll have a go of that next week now that they've picked out their site.  

Thursday.  Thursday had a word for it: Torrential.  And it was amazing.  We had Willow start off by using number signs to match big and small numbers to, to see if the children could understand sequencing once they'd correctly matched the numbers they were searching for.  Thhheeeennn it rained.  A lot.  Finally we came to Hedgehogs and they were creating a "leaf collage" and discovering the different colours they they could find using the "rainbow song" and by the way - can we agree on the order of those lyrics please: Red, and Yellow, and Pink, and Green, ORANGE and Purple and Blue" NOT "....Purple and Orange and (I believe at somepoint) Pink..." - Been singing that song since I was a child and I'm not having someone change the lyrics on me now.   Anyways (Did I just hear someone say 'you're still a child.')  It was brilliant - the children got fully involved through the curtains of precipitation and we all got soaked.  Remember: There's no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing." but the children did love and it, and one of them in particular just wanted to run in the rain.  I can empathise because that's actually my natural instinct.  I see heavy rain and for some reason I just want to run in it.  

Friday - Having heard the rain fall the night before, I thought "Ain't nobody got time for that."  but then the Vikings came out (Butterflies) and they disagreed with my assessment.  And so we went searching for Viking gold.  Admittedly, in hindsight, I could've worn the hat while doing this activity.  However that didn't occur to me then.  And so I didn't.  There we go.  Unfortunately for the rest of the day "rain stopped play" and so that was that.  

We're hoping to bring you further news of our Forest School project and other things as they happen, but until then you'll have to be a bit patient.  

I'll see you in a bit, but until then, keep yourselves entertained with Sycamore and their shenanigans on Monday.  


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