Year 2 Term 1 Week 3

I'm not really sure how to describe last week.  It was busy.  Lots of fun though.  

How could you say that it wasn't fun when Grasshoppers began the week by making viking shields with real tools and everything (I sound like a TV advert).  I'm informed that battle formations have been drawn as the hordes are massing near the Big Hill.  Squirrels  enoy coming out to do maths and use the materials such as leaves and sticks to help them count, and finally we began FOREST SCHOOL! (FOREST SCHOOL! FOREST SCHOOL! Imagine an echo...) and so we had Sycamore class as for one of our sessions and they had a FOREST SCHOOL (there's that echo again) Birthday party! We exchanged gifts, played games, had a dance off...or at least it was planned that way....and we made a FOREST SCHOOL CAKE! You couldn't eat it though.  Too much wood chips in it.  

TUESDAY (IN CAPITALS): Cedar came and used javelins (not real ones) to hunt like cavemen for food and to see whether they could tell the difference between big and small.  Oak had a great time making "mud faces" and unfortunately I wanted to show you but I left my camera off rather than recording and so I didn't get the photos I wanted.   I might try and bribe the teacher into letting me do that one again with them because it was brilliant and they all really engaged with the activity.  Ladybirds came out to take photos using digital cameras to take photos of things that are alive, dead or have never been alive.  And to take a few selfies as well.  Finally Ash class helped the "Tree department" by adding their influence upon the cave we're building in Outdoor Learning with the various materials we can find.  We're having contractors look at it during the week. 

Wednesday saw Poplar come out and dig over their veggie plot and so hopefully we'll begin to add compost and woodchips to that pretty soon (i.e. this week) and maybe plant some winter veg, or maybe some herbs to get us going.

Thursday was started with Willow coming out searching high and low for numbers one to twelve and then arranging them in the correct order.  Hazel put on their mark on the cave by adding more branches and things to it.  Finally Hedgehogs are our other FOREST SCHOOL group at the minute and they came out and learnt about knots and lashing and frapping and making frames.  They did a lot.  And they played games too.  Because if you go into a wooded area and don't at least make an attempt at hide and seek then what have you done, really? 

Friday was jam packed.  Minus the jam.  Butterflies reenacted a viking skirmish, while searching for pilfered treasure, followed shortly by Dragonflies who learnt to lash and frap and this one gets my highlight of the week because not only did the children learn how to lash and frap but the adults wanted to get in on the act too.  Couldn't help themselves.  Photos to follow shortly.  Badgers have begun their veggies patch along with Owls and so we know have four "plots" in development.  Theres an action, a comedy, a thriller and a sports one (I'm not nearly as funny as I think).  Finally my friends from Maple came out and helped to develop the cave further. 

Sorry this one has been a bit rushed.  I'm slightly short on time BUT I'll put the photos up later for your viewing pleasure.  


Until next time. 


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