Year 2 Term 1 Week 7

Soooooo you get two in one week this week.  My apologies again for the delayed reaction to the last update.  Hopefully you've kept yourselves entertained with the various videos and things from previous entries on here.   So where to begin?

MondayGrasshoppers came out for an object search, Squirrels came and played in the madness of the mud kitchen and Forest School was with Sycamore where we searched for dinosaurs bones and eggs, we played musical instruments that we made out of objects in the woods, there were games of hide and seek and "eagle eyes" (literally, I think the entire staff needs come to out and play that game.) and there was talk of a fire, but rain stopped play and so that option has been postponed till next week should the children choose it.

Tuesday saw Cedar and Oak come out and work on "prepositions" and I'm not sure who was learning more in that session, me or the children but in Outdoor Learning you can combine "hide and seek" and hidden object searches with English at any point and you get a practical and informative combination to the learning experience.  Ladybirds continued to develop their "Back to Eden" plot by adding leaves to it along with compost and came and checked on the state of the banana (the one from the videos on the main page) and much to their amazement (and mine) it had disappeared (video soon to follow).  Finally the day ended with Ash coming out to create a skyscape using natural materials on paper.  Admittedly wet leaves and sticks don't stick too well to paper BUT they made it work and we have a few nice skylines with more to follow.

Wednesday saw Beech class come out for a bit of sensory "green time".  The children exposed to the environment, when taken among the trees seem to relax and settle down and explore their surroundings which is great for them, and we enjoy seeing it too.  Poplar class continued to develop their "Back to Eden" plot by adding compost and leaves to it. 

Thursday started with Willow combining maths and nature to count objects up to 20 using sticks and leaves, meanwhile Hazel came out to use nature to create some Skylines on paper (more wet leaves and sticks please - requires stronger glue!) whereas Hedgehogs came out into Forest School and did allsorts.  We have searching for bugs, where we found worms, spiders, slugs, snails and woodlice, we had races and games of Hide and Seek (I promise thats not the only thing I do in Outdoor Learning), we had a camp fire, we had throwing of sycamore seeds to make them spin like a helicopter....and the children came outside too. 

Friday - Butterflies are doing Hanzel and Gretel for English and so we collected sticks to build a house, while Dragonflies used the theme of "Cities" to create some street food and we did cooking on an open fire.  Badgers worked together to gather in the leaves from Outdoor Learning to add to their "Back to Eden" plot, and I saw a sweet potato making an attempt at growing! Couldn't believe it - hopefully, somehow it'll work out and we'll have some next year :-) and last but not least we had Deer come and gather leaves and sticks for sensory exploration and have a bit of "green time" in the tree line. 

So all in all a busy week.  Highlight of the Week is Hazel class who worked hard to create their skylines outside on Thursday. 

Until we meet again. 


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