Year 2 Term 1 Week 8

WEEK 8! WEEK 8! When did this arrive? And who decided this was a good time to let it happen.  The year is flying by and the temperature is falling rapidly and the nights are drawin' in.  So we started with Monday, as we usually do, and I started off my session with Squirrels who wanted to make a scarecrow for their vegetable patch, and so we gathered some sticks together for "lashing and frapping", and so far he has a shirt and is stuffed with leaves, with more progress and hopefully photos to follow soon.  Sycamore class had their last Forest School session and so we did all manner of activities, including Eagle eyes - seriously if you've never played this game you need to go out into a local wood and play it, its amazing - helicopter and boat building, races, a camp fire and all manner of fun and frivolity.  We're hoping that as time goes on we'll find that Forest School becomes an additional vehicle to learning for our children and through the first two programmes we've found that its been quite exciting to see the children engage and develop in different ways.

Tuesday started with Cedar and the comparison of big and small objects, and Oak which worked on prepositions such as "in", "on", "under", "next to" using "hide and seek" - I thoroughly enjoyed this lesson because by using an alternative vehicle like Outdoor Learning you're able to make the abstract more applicable to the childrens world and understanding and it seems to really help them understanding abstract concepts.  Plus who doesn't love hide and seek.  Ladybirds continued to develop their veggie plot using the Back to Eden garden, this week they put down woodchips to help add nutrients to the soil along with some kitchen scraps that we'd gathered.  Finally Ash came and learnt about how we can make "street food" using an open fire which tied into their theme of "cities" nicely.

Wednesday saw Poplar come and collect bits of nature to stick to their city skyline that they were making.  We probably would've stayed out longer except the rain made it hard to stick the materials to the paper, so rain stopped play. 

Thursday was Willow class coming to using bits of nature to sort and to count up to 20 while Hedgehogs had their Forest School session and I was visited by parents who joined in enthusiastically and really engaged with the children and seemed to like what they saw.

Friday was started with Butterflies moving on to the second part of Hanzel and Gretel where we got taken into the woods and had to find our way back using bread crumbs before the birds came and ate them all.  Dragonflies made my morning by cooking "eggy bread" on an open fire and even making scrambled egg too as part of the "Outdoor Street Food Experience" (Sounds like a cooking show) and my tummy was happy at the end of it all.  Badgers came out and explored the Outdoor Learning area and had some "Green Time" to end their week before Deer came and made some woodland creatures using sticks and leaves while their parents paid them a visit also.

Overall a cracking week, more of the same to come.

Highlight of The Week: Cedar class - pictures to appear soon

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