Year 2 Term 2 Week 1

If I'm honest I'm not sure about the dating system but we'll get round to sorting something more clear eventually.

So.  HAPPY NEW YEAR!  And welcome back to you all.

We've changed topics and changed the timetable and changed Forest School and everything.  Exciting times.

Monday:  Grasshoppers kept their slot and are learning about the Shang Dynasty.  One of the larger dynasties in chinese history, I'm lead to believe.  And so we hid a load of images around The Big Field and had the young gentlemen search for them and then tabulate (big word there) the amounts and then place them onto a bar graph.  Maths meets Outdoor Learning.  Squirrels love the Mud Kitchen and one child in particular loves to "bake cakes and pies" and then charged me £5 for one I believe, or he may have just demanded money, I'm not sure.  Anyways they had a brilliant time out there.  Forest School for a monday afternoon is Deer class and they just went nuts with mud painting, playing on the rope swing, and all manner of "child led, child initiated learning through play".  There was even some exploration of the area too I believe, as I'm not sure how much they've been on the field as of yet.

Tuesday:  My tuesday classes kept their slots from last term and so Cedar came out and dug up a Roman achaeological dig that was discovered in Outdoor Learning, searching for missing pictures, bones and other items, while Oak class came and used nature to mix with art and created a collage of a Roman centurion.  Ladybirds have decided they wanted to build a bug hotel this term but they asked whether they could spruce up the two that we have in the Big Field first, and so they did, and by the time it was finished it looked much better.  Ash class came out for a bit of open fire cooking and discussing with the children about the Romans and what ideas we could do.  Hopefully we're going to have something very exciting to show you in the upcoming weeks.  


Wednesday:  "Office day"  or, in translation "I go outside, clean up the area and experiment with things that we may want the children to try in the future"

Thursday:  I don't know what it was but Thursday was just action packed and non stop from the moment I got in.  Willow used maths and nature to count up the 10 and beyond.  It was interesting to see how each pupil tackled this challenge.  One young boy when asked to find "3 sticks" literally found all 3 sticks and placed them on number 3.  However others went and found 3 individual sticks.  Both were correct, but it was interesting to see how they dealt with it.  Following Willow were Badgers who came to gather sticks together to literally make "match-stick men and cats and dogs." (whistle along if you know the tune).  They're doing L.S. Lowry for this half term and so we may hopefully get to see some of their creations as time goes on.  Finally it was FOREST SCHOOL with big capital letters, and a new group: Rowan class (H.O.T.W.) came out for their first session, leaving me walking away exclaiming "What. Just. Happened?"  We had a great time creating our own "Forest School friends" that will be coming out with us each week, and we built a fire, and then someone mentioned the word "marshmallows" and so we ate them (the marshmallows not the person) and we played games and even one of the children took some photographs which will be on the gallery, suffice to say he has quite a good eye.  Future profession perhaps?  

Friday: Friday was cold and so the solution to that is a fire.  But first Butterflies came to explore the area and tell me what differences they had found in Outdoor Learning and how the seasonal change had affected the area.  Dragonflies came out for the Mud Kitchen, for a fire, and for some time to just "have a moment" with each of the children choosing their own preferred option.  Caterpillars are going to be doing some outdoor cooking and so they're looking at the Shang Dynasty and other options available to them and to get the children looking at weighing, measuring, cutting, peeling, cooking and most importantly tasting.  All the important life skills.  Finally Maple sent out one of my little friends to come and have some 1:1 time Outside where we looked at the fire and felt the warmth at different distances, and then we went for a trip down the big hill on the big field.  She laughed at that one. 

Hope you've had a great week and I'll see you next time. 



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