Year 2 Term 2 Week 10

Okay, so I admit that this is a VERY late edition of your weekly news update.  I did actually do it on Saturday but then one thing led to another and for some reason the website timed out and erased all of my reporting.  Sad, I know.  So last week we had more material being added to "Mt. Springwood" (which was erupted this week, but what of that...) by the "Minibeasts" (Spiders, Butterflies, Dragonflies, Bees, Caterpillars).  I'm not entirely sure what the final height was but I think we might have managed 2.5ft?  Someone pass me a measuring tape.

"Trees" did all things water based, whether that was Cedar pouring and tipping into different vessels, or Willow (highlight of the week) filling water balloons with paint and water and creating "splatter art" on a canvas or Oak and Rowan creating "rain catchers" to measure how much precipitation that has fallen recently (sadly not all that far as experiments go).  

"Woodland Creatures" got up to all manner of activities using loose parts and building towers and structures, including playing with our mud kitchen.  Squirrels came out to play with the various items that we have in Outdoor Learning, making mud pies, mud cakes with woodchips and sticks and running around with wheelbarrows, while Badgers used leaves and mud to make patterns on sheets of paper.  

There has also been a resurgence of interest in the Back to Eden project and we're hoping for more planting of various vegetables, seeds, flowers and plants in Outdoor Learning to start next half term.  

And finally, we had Ladybirds come out for Forest School where we created obstacle courses, searched for the various rocks and stones that we could find, we played games and used the rope swing, had some imaginative play and took a whole bunch of photos.  Good stuff. 

Again apologies for the lateness of the hour, will try and update again very soon for the final week of this half term.  

Until next time.  


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