Year 2 Term 2 Week 11 - Half Term

Happy Half Term everyone. 

So what did we do for our last week? 

Mt. Springwood erupted on Wednesday with minibeasts coming to watch, and you can see that video on our Facebook page if you're interested. 

Monday began with Grasshoppers wanting to restart their vegetable plot after the success of last year and they're hoping to try some different varieties this time.  Hopefully we'll have photos and videos of that as we go along.  Squirrels came out for "free play" and utilised the various objects in Outdoor Learning, and they too have hinted at wanting to grow things next half term.  Deer class came out for Forest School for their final session which involved a whole host of different activities including building with homemade mud bricks, rope swings, searching for dinosaurs, climbing trees and playing on DIY see-saws.

Tuesday had Cedar coming out to finish their topic of water by using different vessels to pour and tip and fill and empty buckets, pans, pots and cups, while Oak class searched out their homemade "rain catchers" and discovered that some of them had caught a little bit of rain in them.  Rowan however, had placed their "rain catchers" in a different place and sadly hadn't caught much because we'd had good weather (sad trumpet sound for good weather?).  Ash class felt that good weather was a cause for celebration however, and mixed PE and Outdoor Learning and had a game of sponge dodgeball or "spongeball" as someone later named it. 

Wednesday came fast and furious and Willow created some art work by combining mud and water to make a natural paint and then using spray bottles, they mixed water and paint and the children had a good time of mixing different colours.  Some of the patterns they made looked really nice and it worked well as an activity. Then in the afternoon we had the previously mentioned eruption of Mt. Springwood where the children whooped, cheered and chanted "We want more!" after the eruption had died down.  Sady we'd ran out of materials to use.

Thursday saw Badgers come and plant some sunflowers for their mothers on Mothers Day, and some of their sees went into their vegetable plot, so I'm hoping to see those pop up in the following months.  The packet makes the statement that this particular seed can grow up to 4M in height, so I'm currently looking for ladders.

Friday saw Butterflies perform earthquake tests in their playground using mats and adults.  I think it was safe to say that our children are in no danger anytime soon.   It's harder to do than you think.  Dragonflies got Highlight of The Week by taking their homemade volcanoes outside and using bicarbonate soda and vinegar to cause some eruptions.  They lose points however for making Outdoor Learning smell like a chippy after they'd finished.  Finally, to finish of the half term my friends from Maple came out to do some "off roading" in their wheelchairs and to bask in the warm glow of the sunshine, which was good because today its freezing.  "Ne'r cast a clout till May is out" as they say. 

We're off for two weeks and then we've got changes in topics, more Forest School sessions to follow, changes in timetables and classes and a whole lot more.  I'll see you then. 


P.S. Check out the gallery for H.O.T.W.

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