Year 2 Term 2 Week 14

Apologies for the delay.  Was distracted with other things this weekend, hence the late update. 

MondayBees continued on a theme with a twist by having the children tip and pour soil into pots and back out again before moving on to having the children hunt for a hidden item under two boxes to see whether they would track and search for hidden objects (namely chocolate), following on shortly we had Squirrels continue on their theme of "loose parts" and seeing what the children will create when given the opportunity to do so.  Finally Hazel class came out for Forest School which is always good.  I particularly liked the story telling where each child took turns to expand on the previous childrens....contribution.....

TuesdayGrasshoppers helped me out by raking up massive amounts of grass to add some green nitrogen based material into our compost bin and then Oak came out and looked at the various aspects of changes in nature and used communication sheets to tell us what they could see and to also describe to one another what they could see.  Ash class continue to show me how to make things and this time we had another interesting addition that I had previously known from watching an episode of "Grand Designs" BUT for a refresher:  If you (or your child for that matter) felt the need to make mud pies or mud bricks or even a mud hut - add grass to the mix.  Helps strengthen it and thicken the mixture.  Who'da thunk eh? 

Wednesday: Begin Wednesdays by running around with my friend from Maple who, bless their little cotton socks, showed they were excited to hear me coming in for Outdoor Learning by reaching for my hand to bring to the back of their wheelchair.  And the teacher got it on camera too.  I tell no lies.  What can I say, our children enjoy outdoor learning.

ThursdayBadgers had another group of children come out to search for boats and to place them into the "canal" and fill it with water before having a chance to have some water play.  Even though the rain tried to stop it, we prevailed.  Finally Forest School with Ladybirds took place and then sun finally peeked out from behind the clouds and we just had a blast with fire making, den building and the instigating of what was described as "nature club" by the children.  They created it so they get to name it. 

Friday:  Hedgehogs started my day by deciding that they would like to come out and have a play in the Mud Kitchen and were much aggrieved (and rightly so) when it came to an end.  But it had to so that the other half of the class could come out, so y'know, "sharings caring" and all that. Dragonflies came out for some "green time" and found a break in the weather, so they kept nice and dry.  Caterpillars have been using a communication app that we have in the school called "Proloqou2go" (probably spelt wrong) and they came out and told us what they could see in Outdoor Learning, and that's why they get my Highlight of The Week because the children did such a good job of focusing on the task and over the past two weeks have been really trying to improve their communication skills.  Finally Willow just ended my week with a bang by trying to make "mud settlements".  The children really got involved with this one.  It was Outdoor Learning magic. 

That's all for me this week.  I'll update again soon.  Who knows, I may attempt one of my creative writing styles.  Probably not. 

See you soon.


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