Year 2 Term 2 Week 16

So I would've updated on Saturday as per usual but my internet went down, and you can't update on Friday because not everything had happened, so there we are.  Anyways.  How are you? 

So last week we had Bees starting off Monday with a mini BBQ that the children enjoyed watching the fires going and the sound of food cooking.  The adults have put in orders for bacon cheeseburgers - I'm getting back to them.  Squirrels had their usual time in Outdoor Learning where we mixed mud cakes, ran with wheel barrows, climbed tree stumps and jumped from one to the other and played with woodchips, and finally Hazel had their time in Forest School.

The next day (that's Tuesday for those of you keeping count) started with Grasshoppers who came out for some games in the Big Field where we played "hide and seek".  To you and me we may think that's just a "free play session" but there were some important lessons learnt in it such as fully exploring an area to make sure that just because you can't see something doesn't mean it doesn't exist, using gross motor skills to run, jump, crouch and balance, timing and judging distances - all sorts of stuff.  Its the kind of thing we use in Forest School where we emphasise "learning through play".  Amazing what you pick up when you break things down.  Anyways moving on. Oak class came out and had to search for pieces of different buildings and put them back together in the right order. Finally Ash came out had each child design a building using all the mud bricks we'd built over the weeks.  We have architects in the making ladies and gentlemen.  We had houses, hospitals, towers, homes for giant rabbits.  All sorts.

Moving on to Wednesday and we begin with Maple class who wanted a go on the bike track and so we took the children up there and had them smiling from their chairs as we used the adaptive bikes.  Spiders came out to have a mini-picnic and some parachute games that the children enjoyed.   The adults enjoyed it too. 

Badgers get my HIGHLIGHT OF THE WEEK for a cracking arts lesson where we mixed "alkaselzter", water based paint and playdough pots to cause a reaction that had mini explosions of paint all over their pictures of various transport vehicels.  Hedgehogs came a close second, as their teacher had asked for a "Forest School" based session where we built castles and walls from mud, decorated our faces with it and explored the area for bugs.  There are times when I kick myself for not bringing out a camera.

Ladybirds had their last session at Forest School and I was a bit gutted to be honest, they've been a great group to work alongside and they've thoroughly enjoyed themselves.  7 weeks ago we started with the basics of how to start a fire and by the last session one of the children cooked food for the other children.  They were too busy playing "eagle eyes".  If you've never played "eagle eyes" it's next level addictive.  Even when some of the children got caught out and told me they were done playing would turn around and say "Right I'm going in again!" - Brilliant. 

Friday soon came and we started with Cedar who wanted to use torches in the dark and shade of the treeline to see what light would do in dark places like a lighthouse does on the sea.  One of the children used their time to search for the various bugs and was thoroughly fascinated by the "creepy crawlies" we found.  Dragonflies came out to search to complete the activity for the children to be able to recognise their first and last names from amongst a bunch of others while Caterpillars had planned to repeat their activity from last week but sadly due to unforeseen technical difficulties, it wasn't possible and so they came out for some "green time" instead.  Willow finished off their week by hunting for "buried treasure", the kind you might find on islands that they've been learning about. 

Another productive week and this week is "Arts Week" and we're going to be launching a rocket ship in Outdoor Learning and looking for aliens in the big field.  Photos to follow. 

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