Year 2 Term 2 Week 19

Year 2 Term 2 Week 19

So this week was typically mancunian in its down-pour but nowhere near as torrential as the weathermen were predicting.  Or at least it wasn’t up north.  

Anyways, in Outdoor Learning this week we would begin with Bees class as they wanted to work on social interactions in their class using a beachball and a parachute and the children were passing the ball to one another and then playing a parachute game where you had to waft the parachute to move the beachball.  Classic.  Squirrels enjoy just being in Outdoor Learning and whether its climbing up items, running around with wheelbarrows and conducting wheelbarrow races or picking daisies they’re just happy to be outside in Outdoor Learning.  And so ended Monday.

Tuesday saw Grasshoppers come and plant some pumpkin seeds in their Back to Eden plot, and they’re hoping to have them for October.  I’ve been looking at some of the finer details of the approach and as with many things, it’s the little details that make all the difference.  Don’t get me wrong, the approach is sound and we’ve actually got pumpkins, potato and something else growing in some of the other plots but there’s a few things we’re hoping to work on as we go along so we can greatly increase our yield of fruits and veggies.  Oak class enjoyed looking for bugs last week that they decided to do it again and see whether they could find similar creepy crawlies.  I think we found some others that we didn’t find this time round such as centipedes, beetles and perhaps spiders this time round.  Ash class opted for a more physical session where we used our bodies to mimic bug movements either with ourselves or with our friends.  This was when the wet hit and so we had to stay under some cover but we still managed to recreate all the school mini beast classes in various ways.  

In other news, I’m hoping on the website to update to Back to Eden webpage and Forest School webpage more frequently so you can see some of the things we get up to in those areas of Outdoor Learning.  

Wednesday just poured it down to start with and so I wondered whether anyone was coming out.  Well Spiders said they wanted to and so we ripped up cardboard to add to our compost bins and then did some weeding in the planters where a single potato has currently arrived.  Hopefully there will be more to follow.  A single potato only goes so far after all.

Thursday.  Still wet.  Some of my friends from Badgers who hadn’t come out on the previous week came along and had a time of emphasising catching, throwing and kicking of beachballs along with passing to the adults and to other children.  Hedgehogs had a brilliant session which built on the previous week.  Last week we made individual frames that the children decorated themselves with whatever they wanted.  This week they made a giant frame for the whole class and put their own individual touches to it.  I was kicking myself for not bringing a camera out with me for this one.  In Forest School, we had a shortened session but we still managed to fit in an open fire, endless rounds of “eagle eyes” and exploring and building our own dens.  I have really enjoyed working with this group and seeing how they’ve grown in small but noticeable ways and hopefully the things that we do in Forest School will continue to have an influence on them when we’ve finished working together.  

Friday.  Wetter.  Cedar class weren’t deterred though and they began as a class coming out to look for bugs and tick them off on their sheets that they had.  Dragonflies get my Highlight of The Week for just having some chill out time in Outdoor Learning and just being out in the woods, which is always good to see.  Caterpillars repeated a lesson which had the children enthralled.  Last week we began to teach the children how to saw using the equipment we have in school and because some of them weren’t present at the time we did it again.  Well they were absorbed.  Watching, concentrating, listening, learning.  They kept wanting to have a turn and so we’re hopefully going to be building a planter for them that they can either keep in class or in Outdoor Learning and make their own.  Finishing off my week were Willow class and they came out to also look for bugs but in Outdoor Learning proper.  One child kept saying “awww” upon seeing a mother slug with its babies while holding it on a piece of tree bark.  Bless.
Well that’s it for another week.  Check out the gallery for this week and I’ll see you soon.


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