Year 2 Term 2 Week 2

All the twos this week.   So what's new?  Nothing much, but we did have some fun out in the wild winter weather.  Starting off with Grasshoppers who had me place chinese dragons all over the Big Field and they had to search them out and put them together in the correct places.  There were some good ones too - big things with big claws and big bright colours.  Marvellous.  Squirrels enjoy coming out in the Outdoor Learning area and playing with the wheelbarrows, mud kitchen and various "loose parts" that we have.  There was mud cakes and towers everywhere by the end of the session.  Ending Monday was Forest School with Deer class who are full of life and energy.  For the life of me though I've no idea what they did.  It was a blur.  OH! That was it.  "Mini-fairy fires"!  They learnt to safely prepare and ignite a fire and watch it extinguish before later building up to a big fire which was thoroughly enjoyed.  We also played some fun games that sent the children into a giggle. 

Cedar came and expanded on the previously discovered roman achaeological dig site from last week and discovered more bones (dog treats), marbles (they enjoyed that game thoroughly, its been well established) and ribbons (for their flags, I believe).  Following on from which Oak class came and learnt about the various shapes they could find in Outdoor Learning and used it to create a tally chart.  Ladybirds had an intended to do some firework and so had a go at setting up individual fires and learning how to use a flint and steel, which was a challenge for some of them but they persevered with it and were very happy when they achieved the desired results.  Finally Ash class came out and started a two week project of creating individual roman mosaics.  One child particularly really got into it and followed the outline of a chariot and horse.  Hopefully we'll have photos of how they turned out soon. 

Wednesday saw two of the children from Poplar come out and explore the Big Field and have some "green time" while I would later rebuild the firepit to make it a bit more suitable for cooking on and other various outdoor activities.

Thursday started with Badgers wanting to make charcoal for their drawings and sketches in the style of L.S. Lowry.  Suffice to say that if you want to do this quickly its best not to choose a bunch of thick twigs.  We did manage to make enough though for them so that they could take them back to class and draw with them.  Willow came and used the natural resources of Outdoor Learning to count to 10 and beyond by matching sticks and leaves to the numbers.  Forest School  came next for Rowan and we did all sorts again.  We had some photography going on and we built shelters for our Forest School Friends that they had made the week previous, and we cooked bacon on an open fire using sticks.  Who knows what will happen next week. 

Friday starts with Butterflies and they've been learning about rules.  For example "don't throw litter on the floor, put it in the bin" and so we went out and picked up litter from around the car park and at the front of school.  Two bags full of rubbish.  These guys get "Highlight of the Week" for their efforts.  Dragonflies used some chalk and blackboards and came out to do some mark making in Outdoor Learning, and some of the children made marks in the woodchips and mud using sticks when prompted.  Caterpillars were due for some much needed "green time" and so came out for a short while before the weather turned against them.   You can't win them all I guess.  Hopefully next week we'll be out for much longer and they'll get a chance to enjoy themselves a bit more.  To end my week I had another visit from my friend from "maple" who came out with me to watch the wind make the tarp dance away at which she got very excited.  Its brilliant to see the sensory engagement the children have when exposed to a natural environment. 


So there we go.  Two weeks done, four to go.  I wonder what will happen next week?

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