Year 2 Term 2 Week 3

Good Afternoon to you all.  Weekly update here and we've been busy as usual in Outdoor Learning with all manner of activities and things to share with you.  Thankfully the weather perked up a little compared to last week, though it was slightly colder on Thursday I think?  Maybe Wednesday.  

Trees came out to do the following:  Willow (Highlight of The Week) came out and had a good maths lesson using nature to carry on building on the progress of other weeks, where the children have been increasing the amount they've been counting each week showing their progress.  Ash class DID intend to do something to do with Roman Mosaics but the weather thwarted their best attempts completely and so all the necessary material was soaked, which is a shame really because they'd done the basic outline of their pictures last week and they were looking pretty good.  Hopefully the weather will improve slighlty next week, though I'm not sure.  HOWEVER we did go out and do some work on turn taking and improvisation and communication, so all was not lost.  Poplar came out for some green time, which was much needed.  It is amazing to see how when you put an individual, any individual, in amongst trees and a natural environment and watch how relaxed they become.  Amazing.  Rowan are my FOREST SCHOOL group at the minute, which requires letters to be in bold, and they've made some "Forest School Friends" and over the weeks have been: Making houses, making small fires and this week included learning how to put up tents and use them for bases.  Lots of fun.  Cedar have performed some achaeological digs in Outdoor Learning and continued to do so this week using concepts of  "big" and "small" to help guide them when comparing the sizes of similar items.  Oak did a lesson that I always enjoy and that was using "prepositions" combined with the Outdoor Learning area and expanded on options previously given to show progress, which the children were very good at.   


Minibeasts have been learning about the Shang Dynasty this half term and it started with Grasshoppers hiding pieces of picture jigsaws around Outdoor Learning that show various famous landmarks or items associated with China.  Ladybirds, however, took the opportunity to help construct a large bug hotel.  Might take a while to complete this one, as its about 4 pallets in height.  Dragonflies came out to play with the mud kitchen and explore the area and see what they could see. 

Woodland Creatures saw Squirrels also come out to play in the Mud Kitchen and use the "loose parts" that were in Outdoor Learning to create and construct all manner of items, leading to various levels of interaction.  Meanwhile Badgers have been learning about L.S. Lowry and used toys such as boats and trains to explore some of the paintings that Mr. Lowry had done in his time. 

So all in all a variety of different activities done at different times in different ways.  Fantastic.


Enjoy your weekend.

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