Year 2 Term 2 Week 4

Good afternoon to you.  What a week eh?  What a let down more like.  Where was my snow!!!! I think its safe to say that Wednesday was the highlight of my week.  I'll get more to that later and if want just go and look at Foxes class and the photos they put up.  We got up to all sorts:  Snowmen, snow angels, improvised sledging and yes, SNOW BALLS (cue dramatic music).  Listen.  If you don't take the children out into the snow and get them to use it in a variety of ways, how are they supposed to know what to do and what NOT to do with it?  And how they're to be with one another in it.  Lead by example.  You get me?

Anyways.  More on that later. 

Monday as you know, if you're one of the five people that regularly tune in to our little programme here, begins with Grasshoppers who looked for a variety of Chinese Jigsaw pieces to make more pictures of famous landmarks including a nice little "Happy Chinese New Year" message for everyone of the Orient.  Squirrels came out and used the loose parts of Outdoor Learning to work on building, mixing, making and sometime demolishing things they'd made with their hands.  Or simply to explore the area.  FOREST SCHOOL with Deer class was a whole lot of fun, except I can't even remember what happened because so much happened.  If I remember I'll give you some idea later. 

Tuesday, and Cedar still keep putting holes in Outdoor Learning for the hope of finding Roman artifacts, which was appropriate because I think it was Tuesday where a centurion happened to wander in and give a talk indoors to the different classes, but because I deal with outside, you'll have to look elsewhere for information about that.  However by this point the weather really was going south fast and by that point we had to call it quits as the wind chill factor had kicked in so much that the items the children were wearing wouldn't have protected them from the elements.  Remember, there's no such thing as bad weather just bad clothing.

Wednesday....well its supposed to be an office day for me and I DID do some paperwork but then after helping shift the school car park of snow, it was decided that four to five classes were coming out and so I joined in and...well just go and look at the pictures.  Suffice to say there were lots of smiles that day.

Thursday?  Badgers used the artwork of L.S. Lowry to provide the link between the relationships to boats and the ocean and trains and their tracks, followed by Willow who went to look for matching of big and small shapes and matching pairs and finally we have Rowan in FOREST SCHOOL who this week made pancakes for their Forest School Friends.  I'm not sure if their "forest school friends" got to eat any but two of the children told me they liked them.   We might have to work on the recipe a little.  One of the adults, that wasn't me, also ate one.  Like I said I'll work on the recipe. 

Friday began with Butterflies wanting to cook chinese pancakes as part of their understanding of the Shang Dynasty.  Like I said I'll work on the recipe with that one.  But we did manage to get one of the pancakes cooked.  It was edible.  Grasshoppers and Caterpillars had been cooped up all week and just needed to get out into the open air and so they did.  One of the children in Caterpillars was suddenly inspired and used to moment to play on the 3 drum set that I've rigged up to the fence, and he was pretty good too! With Grasshoppers we climbed over different surfaces, made marks with charcoal and used the mud kitchen to just let some much needed energy loose.  Finally my friend from Maple came out to watch the wind make the trees and the tarp dance and to go down the big hill a few times. 

So all in all a busy week.  Two weeks to half term already! Can't believe it.  More to come as we go along. 


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