Year 2 Term 2 Week 7

Afternoon all.   Interesting weather this week, no? 

So we've started a new term and that means a change of themes and a change of activities, and actually a shuffling about of a few classes too.  And a change for my Forest School group.  And that's about it. 

Minibeasts are going to be creating a volcano for their topic of "volcanoes and earthquakes" and so we've decided that in Outdoor Learning the best course of action is to create a monster of a volcano and then let it erupt.  Admittedly I was surprised that I WASN'T the one to suggest that the best approach to this activity was to set off a firework in the middle of a hole.  Which, who knows, we may still do.  Roll on a massive effort this week (and next) from Butterflies, Spiders, Caterpillars, Dragonflies and Bees.  Hopefully we'll have photos to follow or at least a video of explosive proportions and the ensuing aftermath. 

Woodland creatures are doing the UK and so I had Badgers come out and do some art on our natural British trees with bark rubbing. 

Trees are learning about water and so the list of possible activities is endless.  I began the week with a game of "dodgeball" using sponges and mixing in some elements of P.E. in their.  When I say "I", I don't mean just myself.   Ash class were with me.  They joined in.   Willow class mixed in maths, with P.E., with problem solving by having a relay race with different sized containers to try and fill out a bucket with water to retrieve the floating ball.  Now that was fun. 

Forest School has also changed this week and I was out with my friends from Ladybirds who did all manner of activities ranging from complex puzzle solving, to creating a water filter (I found out about this one later), to identifying plants and trees in our big field, to creating a giant wobble board and also taking videos and photos.  This one was action packed and that's why it gets (cue the music) HIGHLIGHT OF THE WEEK!   I'll get the photos up ASAP. 

Till then: PEACE!

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