Year 2 Term 2 Week 8

Wet, Wild, Windy and other words beginning with "W" was on the menu this week and that's just to describe my own personal state.  What went on in that outdoor learning area was a demonstration of precipitation at its finest.  In simpler terms: Water was evident everywhere. 

Mind you, there's no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing.  That also being said if a tornado appears on your doorstep it probably doesn't matter what type of clothing you're wearing.  Thankfully there was no such extremes this time. 

So what did we get up to?  Well, I'll tell you,  all sorts. 

For all the minibeasts we're trying to recreate Mt. Vesuvious in our "Big Field" which has currently reached a height of around 2ft.  So Spiders, Caterpillars, Butterflies, Dragonflies, Grasshoppers and Bees all came out, pulled their hats down low, tightened their collars and dug up some of the soil with spades and forks and wheeled it over to "ground zero" where hopefully next week we'll have some spectacular sights to show you.  Caterpillars get Highlight of The Week this week as they came out in the wet and wild and had a good go at adding material to the "mountain".  Perhaps we should nickname it "Mt. Springwood".  I think I said that last time though.....I just checked....I didn't.  Onward to Mt. Springwood!

Trees are learning about "water" and so all manner of activities have taken place this week, but for my classes: Willow, Oak, Cedar and Ash we had a few different things going on:  Willow class firstly came out to see whether they could show differentiation and matching with the various elements in Outdoor Learning and the Big Field.  They had to find sticks, leaves and flowers and put them in the correct containers.  When they realised there were no flowers on the Big Field (currently too cold and wet and a little to early I fancy), we went to see whether we could spot any in Outdoor Learning and discovered daisies in there.  Oak came out and had an impromptu Mud Kitchen session in the Big Field but also discovered what happens when we just in muddy puddles two footed.  What was good to see was the interaction that suddenly and spontaneously took place between all the children as they worked together creating mud pies and various nature based concoctions.  Cedar wanted to replay the previous weeks activities of filling up two different containers and focusing on the skills of tipping and pouring and helping the children understand the volume of the containers by the items they chose to use.  A very practical session.  Finally Ash came out and we had a look at what happens to ice when it is placed into a hot pan and then changes of state that take place, going from ice to water to steam and then completely evaporating and why that was.  The children enjoyed watching that one and asking questions as to what was happening and why.  We then also had pancakes because it was Pancake tuesday.  Kinda surprised more people didn't request that one but I think that was because Food Tech got the jump on it. 

Woodland Creatures:  Squirrels came out for their weekly session of loose parts and bits and to see what things we can build, make, throw, knock down, create, climb and discover. 

So another week over and done with and didn't it just fly by. 

More to come in the following days, weeks and months as the season changes.  I wonder if we'll grow anything this year?


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