Year 2 Term 2 Week 9

Morning all.

Weird week this one.  Storm Gareth or whichever letter we're up to right now, decided to spin the weather wheel whenever it felt like it leaving us guessing as to what we were doing and whether we were coming or going.  Some classes braved it, some didn't, some got wet and muddy, some managed to stay dry. 

So here we go, here is your weekly breakdown:

The minibeasts were split between Red Nose Day and Mt. Springwood in their attempts at Outdoor Learning this week.  When asked what type of volcano Mt. Springwood looks like the children responded with "a composite volcano" which was correct.  Google it if you're not sure what that is, but essentially its the tall, sloping type.  So currently, its a 3ft 5 inch mud pile but soon - EXPLOSION!!!!! Probably more likely to do with Coke Cola and Mentos than anything else. "Eruption day" has had to be put back another week, however, as it was Red Nose Day on Friday and so we'll hopefully have something for you in the week ahead.  Hopefully. 

Trees continued to get wet, wet, wet and in some cases not at all.  Cedar came out to listen to the rain drops on a clear, see-through umbrella.  Sadly the wind picked up and the umbrella didn't make it.  However, when you've got plastic tarp up and puddles around your big field then you can definitely notice the differences and effects that are being created.  I've got first hand experience of that one.  Oh and jumping in puddles too.  Lots of jumping in puddles from various children in various places.  Ash class decided that their initial plan might not work due to various climatic conditions and so we decided that we were going to put up a tarp to act as a shelter from when other storms decide to blow in, so this one gets knocked up for Highlight of The Week. 

Woodland creatures.  Deer had Forest School and had a visit from some of our parents as well.  One word: Mud.  Squirrels came to play with the various loose elements found in Outdoor Learning and built structures, played with wheel barrows, through objects in the air, climbed on things and all manner of investigation.  Badgers tried their hand at leaf printing, I get a sense we'll be attempting that one again. 

RED NOSE DAY:  Outdoor Learning was very busy on Friday as classes far and wide came to search out for the Red Dots that had decorated themselves out and around our big field and Outdoor Learning area.  I'll put up the photos in a separate gallery for your viewing pleasure. 

Hope you're all okay and look forward to another week.



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