Year 2 Term 3 Week 23

Annnddddd we're coming down the home straight towards the finishing line for Springwood Primary Schools academic year of 2018-2019, it's Springwood Primary School, Springwood Primary School holding the pace, fast and furious it goes towards the finishing line, with all sorts happening in the final run down to the end!

So what happened this week?  Well I started it with Bees and they're foray into all things cooking outside.  We went with the tried and true option of sausages (veggie ones) and eggs on an open fire and ate out of billy cans while cooking them on a fire pan.  Brilliant piece of kit that is makes cooking a lot easier.  Enjoyed that one.  Followed shortly by Squirrels who never cease to entertain and enjoy themselves in Outdoor Learning.  This time they brought "Bella" the school dog out with them, and played some games with her.  Till she literally took her ball off and went home (back inside to her basket).  The children really enjoyed playing with her outside and couldn't stop giggling when they were throwing the ball for her to run and get.  Hazel class came out and we had a mixture of learning how to start our own individual fires using a flint and steel and cotton wool and playing games in the "tree line". 

Tuesday was a special day because we had the Cubs and Beavers come outside to Outdoor Learning to have their "Jamboree" day.  It really was a brilliant time and the children and staff really enjoyed themselves.  If you haven't seen the photos, I've put up some here in the gallery section and go onto their section of the website also.  It made Highlight of The Week for me.  We had some football going on, with archery, as well as making frames, and putting up tents in the morning, followed by food cooked on an open fire for lunch which was basically a massive BBQ.  Then there were more games to follow in the afternoon before the rain finally kicked in and we had to call time on it.  But it was an amazing day that was enjoyed by all.

To the bike track with Maple, Wednesday morning and the children really enjoyed being out and feeling the breeze on their faces as we went round and round.  There was lots of smiles and laughter as we were going along.  Not to be outdone by Bees, we had Spiders deciding they also wanted a open fire cooking session and the children got to sit back and relax as they watched the fire move in the wind. 

Badgers class is a great way to start your Thursday morning or any morning for that matter, and they came out to play some parachute games on the Big Field and explored the area.  Hedgehogs had previously come out in past weeks to make a picture frame where they put their own nature art inside it and then the following week made a giant picture frame where we all contributed to make a class picture.  Well this week we explored 2D and 3D shapes by trying to make a house using nature and building on the nature frame theme and the children did really well and got involved and engaged with it. Finally Ladybirds came out for Forest School where we learnt how to tie some more knots and "lash and frap" two sticks together (don't worry if you're unfamiliar with the terminology), to cook marshmallows and to play Forest games, as well as doing a little bit of foraging for berries and making "stinging nettle tea". 

Friday was weird in its weather and so Cedar came out to look at bugs, and one child in particular was more engaged in this setting, touching two bugs from under a tree stump and focusing for longer periods than usual, which is always good to see.  Caterpillars came out for some "green time" and came to chill out in the tree line, followed later on by a conglomeration of Dragonflies, Rowan and Sycamore on the Big Field while Willow continued to contributed in Outdoor Learning to the giant bug hotel that's currently under construction. 

Another busy week but one that was full of lessons, learning and laughter. 

Enjoy your weekend. 



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