Springwood Primary School Governing Board


Springwood Primary School Governing Board is made up of twelve Governors and three Associate Governors. The Full Governing Board meets once per term. Additionally there are two Governors Committees which each meet once per half term.





Date of



of Office

End Date
Mr Martin Hanbury  LA 19 June 2016 4 Years  
Joanne Martin (Chair) Co-Opted 30 June 2015 4 years  
Craig McCabe (Vice Chair) Co-opted 23 Nov 2016 4 years  
Anne Anderton Parent 30 Jan 2015 4 years  
Dave Berry Co-opted 11 Nov 2014 4 years  
Sue Heys Co-opted 07 Jan 2017 4 years  
Scott Jepson Staff 05 Sep 2014 4 years  
Dr Ian McKinlay OBE Co-opted 21 Feb 2015 4 years  
Judith Pitt Associate 18 Mar 2014 4 years  
Angela Reid Parent 08 Feb 2018 4 years  
AnnMarie Walker Associate 24 Feb 2016 4years  
Jacqui Wennington Headteacher 01 Jan 2016 N/A  
Lynne Moody Co-opted 23 Nov 2016 4 years  
Emma Hughes Co-opted 23 Nov 2016 4 years  
Aidan Yates Associate 01 Sept 2017 4 years  
Matthew Lawrenson Associate 01 Sept 2017 4 years  


Resources Committee

The Resources Committee has responsibility for Personnel, Finance, Buildings and Health and Safety.

Committee Members: 

Joanne Martin (Chair) Jacqui Wennington
Matthew Lawrenson Anne Anderton
Scott Jepson AnnMarie Walker
Emma Hughes David Berry
AnnMarie Walker  

All full Governing Board members have voting rights

Val Williams (SBM) currently sits on the Resources Committee but does not have voting rights


School Improvement Committee

The School Improvement Committee has responsibility for Teaching, Learning and Assessment, Safeguarding and Parental Engagement

Committee Members:

Angela Reid (Chair) Jacqui Wennington
Judith Pitt AnnMarie Walker
Dr Martin Hanbury Lynne Moody
Dr Ian McKinlay Sue Heys
Craig McCabe Matthew Lawrenson
Aidan Yates  

All full Governing Board members have voting rights.

Minutes of meetings can be made available on request.


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