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Springwood School Council is made up of fairly elected pupils from each class across school. Because we are so large, we have separate Key Stage One and Key Stage Two meetings. We meet once a term. We ask every pupil to give us their voice by tellilng us what they care about in school. In the past, we've been involved in some big decisions, like choosing the kinds of equipment we wanted on our new Trim Trail. In the future, we want to be involved in all aspects of our school lives.  

Our School Council Members are: 

Sidrit- Rabbits



Grigore- Squirrels      

Layla- Foxes              

Millie- Deer                

Angel- Owls

Freddie- Badgers      

Lucas- Hedgehogs    

Joshua- Oak

Nelson- Elm

Liam- Ash                  

Naomi- Rowan          

Grace- Beech            

Lewis- Maple             

Danielson- Grasshoppers

Devon- Ladybirds       

Clayton- Bees             

Joshua- Butterflies     

Asa- Spiders              

Kaylen- Dragonflies   

Scarlett- Caterpillars 



The way we allow pupils to have their say is through a query system (see attached file). It is 'posted' into our suggestions box located in a central corridor. These suggestions then form the next council meeting's agenda. 

At the school council meeting on Thursday 4th December, a number of important decisions were made! 

We choose some new equipment with the help of Adam. This equipment will go on the activity playground at lunchtimes. 

We choose some new musical instruments for the Music Room using the money we reaised from Business & Enterprise Week. 

We choose some new adapted bikes for our cycle roadway. 


Wednesday 15th March 2017 

We had some messages in our school council box from children in school.
These were:

Can we look at our school song again? 

School council then voted to say if they liked the song or not. 

Can we have more drinks at lunch time? 

School council discussed what drinks we could have and decided it would be a nice idea. 

Can we a roof on the playground? 

School Council said it would be nice to have a canopy to protect us from the rain and sun 


We discussed the playgrounds.

We all said we liked how the playgrounds work.
If we could change things we would like:

More activities in the Activity Playground

A bigger trim trail

A adapted trim trail

An climbing frame like the Early Years children have 

Games on the trim trail  



Find attached the minutes from our last School Council Meeting from Wednesday 3rd May 



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