Summer B- In science, we have been lookig at electricity. We have spent some lessons hunting around school for electrical items, then looking for mains and battery operated items and finally looking at items and sorting them into those that produce light, heat and/or sound energy.


Summer A- Our theme this half term is THE RAILWAY! 

We have started our topic by looking at steam, diesel and electric trains. We've looked at how a steam train works and painted boxes, pasta and bobbins to make our very own individual train models. 

We've made a train out of mini rolls for the body, buttons for the wheels, a marshmellow for the funnel and smarties to decorate. We had lots of fun and thoroughly enjoyed eating them afterwards for snack! 


We also made train biscuits. We made the dough and rolled it out getting flour everywhere! We liked eating these too! 


We've drawn different train track lines in paint.


Spring B- In science, we are looking at teeth and how to keep them clean. We started off looking at animal food and guessing which animal eats the food and we also had a brief look at animal teeth too. 



Spring A- In computing, we've been learning how to programme a floor and online Bee Bot. In swimming, we've been practising kicking our legs to move across the pool. In R.E. we have looked at the Creation Story and in Science, we have sorted foods into those that are healthy and those that are unhealthy for us. 




Autumn B- In Science we have been learning about bridges, in Computing we used the IPAD to take pictures of the bridges in the school playgrounds.


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