Halloween Fun - October 2019

Class: Cedar Year: 2019 - 2020

We had huge amounts of fun this week with a whole range of Halloween themed sessions! Things got very messy during a pumpkin smash session! We then enjoyed exploring inside the pumpkins.

We all got to have a go at choosing a costume and then dressing up. This was a great chance to work on our independence skills whilst dressing!

Each child collected lots of sticks in our Outdoor Learning Zone to create a witches broomstick!

We also completed a group activity which involved creating a witches brew for a poorly witch! We took turns choosing the ingredients these were; eyeballs, fingers, bones and worms! Each child then got to add the chosen ingredient to the cauldron. At the end we added a final magic ingredient and everything in the cauldron began to fizz! This meant we had made the witches brew correctly.

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